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It’s Your Chance to Make it Home in Runic Games’ Hob

Runic Games, creators of the critically-acclaimed Torchlight series, has finally released their latest game after a couple years of silence. Hob was originally announced in August 2015, three years after Torchlight II’s release in 2012.

Hob is, at a glance, a very peculiar game. Sporting a whimsical yet grounded art style, the game revels in a hands-off narrative approach. Hob takes place on an unknown planet full of volatile lifeforms. Others have tried to claim the planet for themselves, but they’ve all ended up dead. It’s now your turn. Is this your chance to make it home, or will you suffer the same fate?

The game’s story is told through the world and environment rather through traditional text and dialogue. The planet may be dangerous at times, but it’s equally beautiful in both the chilling and soothing sense. Hob can be broken down as a third-person platforming puzzle adventure game. The protagonist is equipped with a synthetic arm that allows them to climb unstable terrain, grapple to powered points, solve puzzles, and more.

You will eventually befriend a robot companion that can help you through your adventure. The robot is also key to solving some puzzles, so there’s some interesting team play going on here. From the trailer there are parts where the robot can open heavy doors and push large objects around for you.

As you conquer the wildlife and descend into the core of the planet, you will discover the true nature of both yourself and the world itself. Hob offers a intriguing mystery to solve, and we’re already getting sucked in by the atmosphere presented by the trailer. It really helps that the soundtrack is being done by Matt Uelmen, one of the composers who did music for the Diablo series.

Hob launches September 26 for PC and PlayStation 4.

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