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Catherine: Full Body Brings Atlus’ Adult Drama to PS4 and Vita

When the original Catherine released back in 2011, it was quite the sleeper hit. By this point in time the gaming community came to expect wacky and super unique games from Atlus, but they never imagined they’d get a game based around semi-realistic adult drama… much less with Q-bert styled gameplay involved.

Nonetheless, Catherine enjoyed positive reception during its release, and it exceeded Atlus’ sales expectations. If you’re unfamiliar, Catherine put you in the role of Vincent Brooks, a 32-year old engineer salaryman who is having a bit of a midlife crisis. Not wanting to grow up and commit to a full adult life, Vincent prolongs advancing his life in meaningful ways like avoiding marrying his girlfriend Katherine and ignoring his long-term career.

The game played out somewhat like a visual novel but after a run-in with a mysterious woman, Vincent begins to have nightmares where he must flee a giant monster of some sort by climbing to the top of a massive tower. This is when the game took everyone by surprise with its puzzle-like action sequences. It all added up for one really unique experience, and now Catherine is coming back for newer audiences.

Officially titled Catherine: Full Body, this new version is in development for the PlayStation 4 and Vita. It’s not just a port or remaster though – there’s some all-new content! First off, a new major character named Rin will be added into the story and she will offer a whole new section of the plot. By association this also means new endings, animations, and more will be added.

Gameplay wise new difficulty options will allow you to make the puzzle sequences more or less challenging, depending on how focused players are on just the story. Anyone will be able to enjoy the story of Catherine: Full Body from start to finish. There’s also a new mechanic that lets you move blocks that are already connected to other blocks.

The original Catherine also had a versus mode, believe it or not. You could play a competitive version of the puzzle sequences with a local buddy, and it was actually pretty fun. Full Body will be adding online play support to the mode!

Catherine: Full Body currently has no tentative release window, so stay tuned!

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