Agony Unrated Review

Have you asked yourself the million dollar question “How’s it like in Hell?”, because I sure know the answer now, and it’s not a pretty one (unless you’re into intense pain and suffering, that is). … Read more

Thief Simulator Review

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GRIP: Combat Racing Review (Nintendo Switch)

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The Colonists – PC Review

When it comes to city building sims, I am the first one to jump aboard. They offer a more casual gameplay experience than most other games out there, meaning that I can play them at … Read more

Do Not Feed the Monkeys Review

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Achtung! Cthulhu Tactics Review

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Maze: Subject 360 Review

Maze Subject 360 review

I usually play hidden object adventure games to relax and let myself go in dreamy, fantastical, bright and colored worlds, but every now and then a spectacular fright fest is more than welcome, and I … Read more

Prodigy Tactics Review

Steam didn’t exist back in the days when I was playing the Heroes of Might and Magic games like a mad man, but if it existed, their hour counters would’ve listed: “You play too much, … Read more

The Works of Mercy Review

Ever since F.E.A.R. hit the PCs aeons ago, I knew one thing: any game that has horror elements or better said “jump off your seat” scares is not for me. I end up screaming like … Read more

Depth Of Extinction Review

Was it global warming? I think it was global warming, because the world simply sunk. This is the scary but possible scenario that post-apocalyptic turn based RPG Depth of Extinction throws at us, together with … Read more