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Build, Break, and Bend the World in Membrane

We can never have too many physics-based puzzle platformers, and Perfect Hat’s got just the thing for us: upcoming Nintendo Switch exclusive Membrane. In this psychedelic puzzle platformer, players will use physics to warp and bend the world around them. No puzzle has one solution, and you’re going to need your thinking caps for this one.

Membrane is Perfect Hat’s debut release, a new studio founded by Seth S. Scott. Featuring eye-popping colors and wacky yet inventive physics, you’ll need to use your own tools to create platforms and active mechanisms. Your “gun” can fire two types of shots: a spear type bullet that flies fast and hits whatever it collides with hard, and a block type bullet that sticks to surfaces.

The latter bullet type is the key bullet that’ll get you places. You can shoot blocks into each other to create your own bridges, supports, beams – whatever your imagination can think of. Of course, the world itself is alive so you’ll need to play with it to solve puzzles as well.

Switches, balls, keys, and more await you in the funky world of Membrane. You really have to get creative with your gun to activate all of the triggers and mechanisms in play to get to where you need to go. With clever use, you’ll be able to catapult balls across deadly lakes to hit switches and the like.

Membrane is a particularly unique game because it seems to combine those old physics-based game we used to play in our browser with a simple yet crazy colorful art style. The game being a Switch exclusive is pretty interesting as well, seeing how we haven’t seen too many of those, not including Nintendo games of course.

Membrane will be available for download on the Nintendo eShop this Winter.

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