Blasphemous 2: Best Weapon in the Game

Weapons have a huge impact on how much you enjoy the game. In this guide, I will showcase the best weapon in the game for Blasphemous 2.

With only three weapons in the game and all three being strong in their unique way, finding the best one is no easy choice.

But, if I am to choose just one, I would go ahead and say that the best weapon in Blasphemous 2 is Reugo Al Alba. My favorite by far.

Best Weapon in Blasphemous 2: Reugo Al Alba

I will go over in-depth why the Reugo Al Alba is the best choice for players to use.

Surely personal preference plays a major role, so if you feel that one of the other two fits more to how you want to play the game, go with that weapon.

Besides, you will be able to find all three while playing so you can switch between them.

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Now, let’s get back to top weapons and find out why I chose this one as the best!

Blasphemous 2: Reugo Al Alba Basics


The Reugo Al Alba is the more versatile option of the three. For players coming back from the original Blasphemous, it will remind them of the Mea Culpa.

The Praying Blade is the perfect all-rounder to vanquish your foes. It is the most balanced weapon in your arsenal, and it has you covered both in offense and defense when needed.

It offers a great balance between speed, damage, and reach. It is also a great weapon for players who prefer to play with a more head-on approach complementing the playstyle with health regeneration in its later upgrades.

Both new and returning players will be able to face any given situation and come through victorious vanquishing all the bosses.

The Reugo Al Alba is the best weapon in the game for Blasphemous 2. But it won’t be able to help you go through the game alone, so make sure to read the previous guide about upgrading health and flasks in Blasphemous 2.

Blasphemous 2: Reugo Al Alba Weapon Memories and Basic Skills


At Reugo Al Alba’s base form, you’ll be able to do a three-hit combo, with each hit dealing moderate damage, and the last hit dealing the most damage.

You have a plunging attack called the Weight of Sin, which is a downward attack that plunges down from a greater height, causing two waves to hit enemies on both sides.

Lastly, you have access to the parry. By blocking with the right timing, you will be able to deal back damage to enemies attacking you.

One more thing to note is that by using the Reugo Al Alba you will have access to the Blood Pact.

The Blood Pact is an ability exclusive to this weapon, and it introduces a weapon gauge that empowers weapon damage after activation in exchange for some of the player’s HP.

Here is a complete look at all the Weapon Memories:

Weapon MemoriesDescription
Blessed SteelEnhance the base damage output of Ruego Al Alba, augmenting its inherent striking power.
Blood PactActivate Blood Pact when the gauge is full. Enhances Ruego Al Alba hits with extra Mystical damage. Charge the gauge by dealing damage.
Cold BloodProlong the duration of the Blood Pact, extending the time for enhanced strikes.
Covenant of AtonementStrikes within Blood Pact regenerate the Penitent One’s health, enhancing survivability during combat.
Crimson AdvocacyUpgrade the heightened Mystical damage integrated during Blood Pact, increasing its effectiveness.
Crimson CleaverAppend a powerful downward slash with enhanced Stun damage to the end of your combo.
Crimson GlaiveElevate the strength of the Crimson Slash, infusing it with a ground-level shockwave for added impact.
Crimson WarmongerExecute a Crimson Ascension or Crimson Cyclone attack sequence.
DeterminationEnhance base defense, augmenting resistance against incoming attacks.
Mystic StrikerElevate Mystical damage dealt to enemies, intensifying the mystical impact of Ruego Al Alba.
Reaper PrayerHalve the cost of the Reaper Rosary, making the devastating slash within Blood Pact more accessible.
Reaper RosaryDuring Blood Pact, launch a lightning-fast devastating slash. Partially consumes the Blood Pact gauge.
Relentless PowerIncrease the potency of stunning enemies, enhancing your ability to immobilize adversaries.
RetributionUnleash a devastating multiple-hit slash at the last moment, dealing substantial damage.
Rosary WardBlock enemy strikes and swiftly counterattacks. However, some strikes may not allow a counterattack.
Sacred SteelRaise the base damage of Ruego Al Alba, strengthening its fundamental potency.
Weight of JusticePerform Weight of Sin from a significant height to generate a wave of amplified Mystical damage.
Weight of SinExecute a downward attack. Using it from a greater height releases a potent version, capable of shattering specific barriers.

These were all the basic skills, as well as the weapon memories you can unlock in Blasphemous 2.

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Final Thoughts

As you progress through the game, and you become more proficient with the game’s combat, and mechanics you will be able to fully maximize the weapons’ strengths.

Of course, weapon choice is above all personal preference, and you should feel free to experiment with this game.

But if you are to go with my preference, definitely choose the Reugo Al Alba, as it is, in my opinion, the best weapons in Blasphemous 2.

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Equipped with the best weapon in Blasphemous 2, you are ready to take on anything the game will throw at you. Share your thoughts about the weapons in the comments down below, and which one is your favorite to use.

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