Best Relics in Backpack Hero

This list will go through the five best relics in Backpack Hero to help you decide which to use on your build.

Overall, the best Relic in the game is the Glass Bottle, followed by Frog Totem, Coral, Belt of Knives, and Cleansing Flame. However, each relic is unique, and sometimes, the best one depends on your current build.

Let’s go through all of them in further detail to help you decide on which ones to pick during your runs.

Backpack Hero Best Relics

Best Relics in Backpack Hero.

Without further delay, let’s go through the five best relics in the game.

Cleansing Flame

Cleansing Flame is a legendary Relic that causes all weapons to get -1 Regen and -1 spikes.

As long as you’re not using debuffs, this is still a fairly useful item, although recent nerfs brought it down a bit.

Belt of Knives

Belt of Knives is a legendary Relic that grants all adjacent weapons +3 damage for the duration of this turn.

This relic is ideal if you’re using a Knives or Bow build since it will grant the most damage.


The Coral is another legendary Relic that causes one common item in your backpack to get duplicated at the end of combat.

It’s a great way to get a lot of spikes although, you should note that it doesn’t work with the King’s Shield.

Frog Totem

The Frog Totem Relic adds three mana each turn to connected Manastones.

It has no downside and can be used in any build as a free source for mana. It’s a safe choice overall and I always pick it up when I can.

Glass Bottle

Last but not least, the best Relic in Backpack Hero is the Glass Bottle. It grants all your weapons +6 damage. However, if your weapons are adjacent or diagonal to Armor or Shields, the Glass Bottle gets disbanded.

Overall, the buff it offers is amazing, but you’ll have to carefully place the items in your backpack.

Wrapping up

To summarize, the best Relic in Backpack Hero is the Glass Bottle since it offers the best buff overall. However, you have to constantly manage your backpack perfectly, otherwise it will get destroyed.

Safer relic options include the Frog Totem and the Coral while Belt of Knives and Cleansing Flame can also be useful with the right builds.

What’s your favorite Relic in the game? Which build are you running? Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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