Best Games to Fit Your Temperament

games based on your temperament

In today’s world, there are literally thousands upon thousands of games to choose from for those weeknight get-togethers with friends or weekend marathon sessions at home. With the advent of digital technologies, mobile games have become more popular, but video consoles and classic board games have also remained big players and sellers in today’s market.

However, you might find yourself attached to a particular brand or style of game based on your personality, more specifically your temperament. Before the inception of psychology, it was a widely held belief that there were only four basic temperaments possessed by every person, with one being the dominant trait; these were, sanguine (happy), choleric (bad-tempered), melancholic (sad) and phlegmatic (calm/passive). Below we’ve listed the best games to fit your temperament. Let’s have a look!


Feel like you’re the chipper sort or always in a good mood? Then sanguine is your temperament, and the best game for you is Twister. The classic Milton Bradley game was first introduced in the 60s, and became a hit at parties for all ages. All you need is a small group of friends (or strangers if you want to make friends fast), and a level floor.

The spinning needle determines where everyone must place their hands and feet on a mat littered with red, green, blue and yellow colored dots. Hilarity ensues after just a few rounds, until everyone falls over in laughter. It’s the perfect game for the sanguine temperament, and is the perfect game for any social occasion or even team building.


Perhaps you just aren’t the most patient type or find the task of playing games altogether too much work, even annoying! Well that means you should go with the simplest, easiest-to-play option available, slot machines. Slots games offer the simplicity (and dare we say fun) to even the most irritable, and bad-tempered gamers out there.

They require little to no skill, and many online varieties hardly require that you even lift a finger due to features like “Autoplay”, which allow you to play without even having to click a button to spin! Slot machines are great for the choleric player, and you never know when you’re going to hit a jackpot, which could even help turn that frown upside down! Just try for yourself at


Ok. We all have bad days, weeks and even months, and sometimes things just get us down. Call it emo, overly dramatic or downright sad, but there are games for even the most weeping willows out there. We recommend video games for the melancholic temperament, simply because they offer everything from classics like Super Mario for Nintendo or newer versions such Far Cry 5 for PS4 and Xbox One.

Live features and game enhancements such as VR and AR headsets, as well as stunning graphics featured in most of today’s consoles will leave even the biggest sour puss with a grin on their face.

Phlegmatic (calm)

Unlike the melancholic type, if things do not phase you, you are most likely very cool-headed and possess a phlegmatic temperament. For those that are calm and level, we suggest the board game Scrabble. It requires plenty of brainpower to best your opponents and bust out those big words to win. The object of the game is simple, after choosing a random assortment of letters from a bag; you must form words on a board to get the most points.

The best words win! It is no surprise to say that a phlegmatic temperament who possesses plenty of smarts will likely be crowned Scrabble champion, just be sure that it does not swell your already calm head, although we think that is unlikely.

Feel like you’re in the mood to play? Great! Once you have found the game most suitable to match your temperament from the four that we have listed, you can get started in no time. Just make sure you choose wisely; after all you don’t want to get stuck playing the wrong sort of game!

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