Best Games Like Subnautica

So you tried and finished Subnautica. You were enamored with the experience, but you find yourself craving more games like that. Subnautica is almost one of a kind in the Survival game genre, leaning heavily on the element of ocean exploration.

In this article, I will go over the best games you should try out, that capture some of the same feelings, as Subnautica did on a first playthrough.

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to tell you a game that is exactly like Subnautica because, in this niche genre, it offers a unique story and gameplay experience.

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Subnautica: Below Zero


Subnautica: Below Zero is the sequel to Subnautica, and it takes place two years later after the original game ends.

Players are tasked to submerge themselves in an all-new, sub-zero expedition in an arctic region of Planet 4546B.

Survive the harsh climate by constructing extensive habitats, scavenging for resources, and crafting equipment. Explore across the snowy tundra on a Snowfox hoverbike. With limited resources, you must improvise to survive on your own.

New weather conditions introduced in the sequel, pose a threat players will have to find countermeasures for. Create bases, take a sip of coffee, and make a plan on how you want to face every challenge the game throws your way.

Uncover the truth through research stations, and by going over logs, items, and databanks scattered among the debris. Find answers to questions left unanswered in the first game, and immerse yourself, as the game expands on the original’s story.

Sons Of The Forest


Sons of the Forest is an open-world survival game, with horror elements thrown into the mix.

Sent to find a missing billionaire on a remote island, you find yourself facing the cannibals that inhabit the island. You can go at it alone, or take a friend to take this journey with you, while you are struggling to survive.

Experience complete freedom to tackle the world how you want. Create a safe haven for yourself, while also defending it from those who would wish harm upon you. Befriend a couple of NPCs along your journey to make things easier.

No matter which path you chose, you will need to scavenge for food, create a base, or a treehouse, and find the basic resources to survive in this hellscape.



Raft is an open-world survival game, that mostly tests players on their ability to survive, and make something from nothing.

You, and if you want company your friends, find yourselves on a raft with nothing, but your wits, and the endless sea. The only danger you will face as you journey from island to island is one shark that attacks your raft.

Gather materials, expand your raft, and survive. Find the last remnants of civilization that are still above water, and overcome the challenges. Uncover the story of its previous inhabitants and find your way to the next destination.

Though the start may be rough, this is a game that often feels like players have an endless amount of time to create whatever they put their minds to.

My favorite thing to try when I find myself going back to the game is to create a ladder to the moon. I never really reach it, or even that high for that matter, but I have so much fun seeing how high I can push myself to go.



Valheim for me is the best game to try, which can give you a similar feeling to Subnautica. An open-world action game, with more intense survival, and combat expectations from the player.

Based on Norse mythology, you and up to 10 other players will be able to create a base and explore all the different biomes, and islands to find new materials.

Though combat is a really big part of the game, the game offers many different things to do for players that would like to take their time and experience other things first. From farming. to animal taming, to building, and to raising your skill ranks.

Valheim really is a game that has a lot to offer. With Patch 0.212.7 the game even introduced magic for the first time and expanded the capabilities of players even further.

As someone who has completed the game two times already, I can say that there is no feeling of fatigue setting in, or uneasiness when it comes to starting a new playthrough.

Smalland: Survive the Wilds


Now the giants are gone, and you, Vanguard, must venture out into the wilds once more, on an urgent mission. Be brave, and do not falter…” That is the mission you have as you enter the world of Smalland: Survive the Wilds.

An action-survival, base-building experience with all the things you would expect to find, coupled with a creeping fear of everything you come to hate in your everyday life, is now large enough to kill you.

Uncover lore and knowledge from hidden NPCs scattered throughout the world, and learn to survive in this vast wilderness. From puddles that look like lakes, to trees that inspire awe like skyscrapers, and more. You see the world from a new perspective.

With up to ten-player multiplayer capabilities, you will have to uncover recipes that will let you tame and ride an array of critters. Leap huge distances with Grasshoppers, fly around on a Damselfly, and even run from place to place on a Spider.

Scavenge or refine resources to build your encampment with multiple material tiers. Collect powerful armors that provide you with resistance, and abilities. Mix them up to personalize your appearance.

You can even pick your favorite spot in the world and build, or scale vast trees and claim your own settlement at the top, and get lost in the vast world unraveling before you.


In conclusion, these were the best games to try that are like Subnautica.

With something for everybody, this niche genre has a lot of gems. These choices will give players a lot of things to try, sink hours into the games, and come out with a meaningful and fun experience.

If you are interested to check out more information about one of the games I suggested, check out our full list of every creature you can tame, in Smalland: Survive the Wilds.

Let us know in the comments down below, which games you like to play, and if there is any other genre you enjoy sinking hours into.


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