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Battleborn Development Officially Comes to a Close

Battleborn creative director Randy Varnell left a touching message on the official Gearbox forums earlier this week. The message announced that from here on out, there will be no more planned content updates for the game. In a sad yet inevitable conclusion, Battleborn has been put to rest, in a way.

The servers will remain up, so you can still enjoy the game online as much as you like. The last update will be the previously announced Fall update which will introduce new Borderlands themed skins for your favorite heroes, updated title art, new Finisher Boosts and Taunts, and some minor balance changes.

After that, the game will enter “maintenance mode,” where the game will stay up and any updates will be related to minor fixes and the like. If you’re still really into the game, be sure to keep a close eye on the Gearbox Software social media accounts for any news about potential content updates.

Battleborn was definitely a unique game. Featuring Gearbox’s trademark offbeat style, the game was a mishmash of MOBA games and class-based first-person shooters. It offered a pretty unique experience, but unfortunately the game had the monumental task of going up against the behemoth that is Blizzard’s Overwatch. Releasing just a couple weeks before OverwatchBattleborn’s plate was already filled to the brim.

Sadly, as much as Gearbox tried, things never looked up for Battleborn. It got to the point where the game even went sort of free-to-play, and yet that still wasn’t enough to attract a sizable playerbase. That’s why this decision to bring development to an end was inevitable and everyone saw it coming.

But it’s okay, though! Gearbox is already hard at work at an all-new project, so hopefully this will pave the way to bigger and better things in the future.

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