Stalcraft: Best Weapons in the Game

Stalcraft Best Weapons in the Game

Weapons are an essential part of Stalcraft, whether you’re out for a PvE mission or are hunting players in a PvP scenario. In either case, you want to make sure your weapon is good enough … Read more

Stalcraft: Best Faction Guide

Stalcraft Faction Guide

When starting in Stalcraft, one of the first decisions involves choosing a faction between Stalkers and Bandits. This is a fairly important decision since the only way to change faction later in the game is … Read more

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: How to Evolve Skrelp

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet How to Evolve Skrelp

Skrelp is a Poison/Water-type Pokemon, while its evolution Dragalge is a Poison/Dragon-type. If you’re trying to evolve Skrelp into Dragalge, thankfully all it takes is leveling up Skrelp until it evolves. Dragalge can be a … Read more

Chained Echoes Glenn Best Character Build

Chained Echoes Glenn Best Character Build

Glenn is the main character in Chained Echoes and one of the strongest playable characters in the game. With the right build, many players have chosen to keep Glenn in their main team even during … Read more

Valheim Mistlands: How to Get Anglerfish

Valheim Mistlands: How to Get Anglerfish

The Anglerfish is a new fish introduced with the Mistlands update. Its main use, other than the achievement of catching something exceptionally rare, is to make one of the best foods in Valheim: Fish n’ … Read more

Dwarf Fortress: Where to Find Iron and Coal

Dwarf Fortress Where to Find Iron and Coal

Iron is one of the core resources in Dwarf Fortress and players will need it to build most early game upgrades, ranging from equipment to furniture and trade goods. Coal, also known as fuel or … Read more

Dwarf Fortress: Where to Farm?

Dwarf Fortress: Where to Farm

Farming is an essential process in Dwarf Fortress if you want to produce food, alcohol, cloth, or other key resources. However, similar to every other process in the game, farming is far from simple. Instead, … Read more

Tactics Ogre: Reborn Best Classes

Tactics Ogre Reborn: Best Classes

With over 50 different classes in Tactics Ogre Reborn, each character has many options to choose from before settling down on a class. The game includes various standard, demi-human, dragon, beast, golem, and character-exclusive classes … Read more