Atomic Heart: Best Weapons in the Game

Atomic Hearts has three distinct weapon types in the game, but what are the best weapons for each weapon type? In today’s guide, I will share with you the best weapons for each category in Atomic Heart.

For those of you who are not interested in a detailed explanation, the weapons are as follows.

  • The best melee weapon in Atomic Heart is the Pashtet.
  • The best energy weapon in Atomic Heart is the Electro.
  • The best gun weapon in Atomic Heart is the Kalash AK-47.

These have been the best weapons for each weapon type in Atomic Heart, but some of you may enjoy using a different weapon.

In any game, some weapons are created to be more comfortable for most players. This though does not need to discourage you, from using the weapons you thought had a fun playstyle.

In any single-player experience, the best way to play the game far and for most will be the way you enjoy playing it.

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Best melee weapon in Atomic Heart: Pashtet


The Pashtet is the fastest melee weapon in Atomic Heart. Tough in an FPS game the speed of a melee weapon can be something most players would look past, I can confidently say that it is extremely valuable.

This incredible speed while using it, is the key that unlocks Pashtet’s incredible potential. With upgrades, the Pashtet will match some of the more powerful melee weapons in the game, but without the drawbacks.

While strength is something you can add to any weapon with upgrades the other melee weapons, will never upgrade their speed enough to reach the levels of the Pashtet. Its upgraded charged attacks are surprisingly strong, as well.

You may find yourself struggling though, to find a situation to use them because the base swing will be enough in most situations that arise.

Best energy weapon in Atomic Heart: Electro


Electro is the first Energy Weapon you will gain in Atomic Heart, and to be honest you get the best first. The electro offers just about everything you will want an Energy weapon to do for you.

The Electro’s accuracy and low-resource requirements already make it a great weapon, but it’s this gun’s special attacks and eventual per-shot power that make it something special. 

Though the base form can hold its own, once you start upgrading you will see the true potential of the weapon. No other gun in any category scales the way the Electro does when you start upgrading it.

When you decide to start upgrading your weapons, make the Electro your number one priority. There’s nothing in the game that offers quite what it offers. 

Best gun weapon in Atomic Heart: Kalash AK-47


I wouldn’t go as far as saying the Kalash AK-47 is overpowered, but what it offers in familiarity makes it the best weapon to use, and the one you will turn to most often.

The Kalash AK-47 has a great range, low resource requirements, and impressive accuracy. It allows you to keep your distance from enemies while dealing a steady amount of damage.

With the right upgrades, it will be able to shred through most enemies before they even get the chance to close the distance and launch a counterattack.

If have trouble finding the Kalash AK-47, check out our guide on how to get the Kalash AK-47 in Atomic Heart.

Expert Opinion: The Electro and the Kalash should be the two guns you upgrade throughout the game and they will carry you through almost everything in Atomic Heart.


In conclusion, these have been the best weapons to use in Atomic Heart. Most players will find these weapons comfortable in any given situation.

Even for the players that feel some of the other weapons may feel better to them, I highly suggest giving these ones a try, and seeing how they feel after.

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Let us know in the comments down below which weapons you enjoy using, and which one so far in your adventure has turned out to be a surprising addition to your arsenal.


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