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ARMS’ New 2.0 Update Is Surprisingly Detailed


Nintendo is no stranger to unreasonably vague patch notes. Titles like Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS get updated every now and then, not only for stability fixes but also sometimes for balance changes. If you wanted to know more about the intricacies of the changes, you’d probably be confused when you went into the patch notes and all you saw was, “Adjustments have also been made to balance the game and make for a more pleasant gaming experience”.

Adjustments, you say? What kind of adjustments?!

Things got a little better when Splatoon graced the Wii U in the summer of 2015. As expected of a competitive multiplayer focused shooter, Splatoon also received a number of balance updates and bug fixes. Although the infamous “adjustments have been made” line was still in a lot of the patch notes, there were actually specifically addressed aspects, such as certain abilities working differently and some weapons getting stat changes. Still a little cloudy but it was a step in the right direction.

Now, fast forward to today. ARMS was released a couple weeks ago for the Switch and everyone’s been enjoying it. The super competitive crowd has noted some things that could be changed, and imagine our surprise when the 2.0 Update that came out a couple days ago actually features a detailed change list.

ARMS had already received a minor update back in late June which added two new game modes and fixed some bugs. This 2.0 update however is packing a lot more and can be considered ARMS’ first major update. To start things off, the big boss of the game Max Brass is now a playable fighter! His main ability allows him to beef up, giving him super armor like Master Mummy. Four new arms have also been added, three of which come from Max Brass’ default loadout. There’s a new stage, a new versus mode, and lots more stuff.

Perhaps the coolest thing are the number of balance changes. Certain arms have been changed around – the Guardians now travel towards your opponent faster. The Mega-line of arms now return back to you faster. The most talked about change has got to be the grab recovery. You now take longer to recover if you attempt a grab and it gets deflected, making grabs much easier to punish. There’s a lot of interesting changes here, so check out the full list.

ARMS Version 2.0

  • ARMS League Commissioner Max Brass added as a playable character.
  • New ARM “Nade” added.
  • New ARM “Roaster” added.
  • New ARM “Kablammer” added.
  • New stage “Sky Arena” added.
  • New versus mode “Hedlok Scramble” added.
    • Punch or touch the capsule containing the Hedlok mask to become Hedlok for a period of time.
    • This can be selected in Versus, Friend, or Local and it will also appear in Party Match.
  • ”Stats” added to the Top Menu.
    • Check stats such as your most used fighter, best stage, and ARM accuracy.
  • ”Events” added to the Top Menu.
    • Here you can set whether or not you want to join official online events.
  • Snake Park has been swapped out for Sky Arena in the Ranked Match stage roster.
  • Raised highest rank in Ranked Match to 20.
  • Increased the penalty for disconnecting during Ranked Match play.
  • Shortened the amount of time necessary for the following ARMS to return after being extended, making them easier to use: Megaton, Megawatt, Revolver, Retorcher, Boomerang
  • Increased movement speed of the Guardian.
  • Improved visibility during charge attacks for the Popper and Cracker.
  • Increased the amount of time necessary for the following ARMS to return after being knocked down, increasing risk: Popper, Cracker, Hydra
  • Increased the amount of time it takes to recover when a grab is deflected with a single punch.
  • Decreased the amount of damage when the Hydra’s rush connects with multiple consecutive hits.
  • Decreased the distance Kid Cobra travels when jumping.
  • Fixed issue where in some instances Ribbon Girl could remain airborne for an overlong period of time while continually attacking.
  • Fixed issue where Ninjara would not destroy the light boxes on the Ribbon Ring stage when getting up.
  • Fixed issue where the time necessary for the Triblast to return when deflected was shortened.
  • Fixed issue where ARMS such as Blorb and Megaton would catch on the ground and fail to fire.
  • Fixed issue where explosive ARMS would sometimes fail to explode when receiving an attack.
  • Fixed issue where the Slapamander would sometimes fail to hit Helix when he is extended.
  • In online play, fixed issue where the appearance or non-appearance of items could differ between devices.
  • In online play, fixed various issues with V-Ball including an issue where the ball would remain grounded and play would not proceed.
  • In online play, fixed an issue where sometimes Barq would continually defend against an opponents’ rush attack for a set period of time.
  • In online play, fixed issue where sometimes pillars in the Scrapyard would not be destructible.
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