4 Reasons why Playing in Duo Queue with a High Elo Player Can Change How You Play League of Legends

After spending a lot of time trying to reach a higher rank, you maybe wonder if playing with a duo partner could be a better solution to gain elo in LoL. In today’s article, you are going to learn some advantages that you can get from this practice.

First, you can see a different point of view while the challenger player is giving you some advises (if he or she is able to coach you). It may be interesting to see how they choose their trade timing, their rotations and how they manage their lane.

Moreover, you will not only learn from their mechanical skills, but also from their decision making. For example, when is the best timing to start drakes, when is it better to take bot tower first or top, how to optimize rotations, how to setup nashor or how to manage your waves to create as much pressure as possible.

You will be able to see how they adapt their build and runes according to the enemy picks and match up. So if you are sometimes hesitating between an armor, magic resist or damage item, they can explain why it is better to take a specific item instead of another one.

So you can learn from them and what they do to carry games that wouldn’t have been winnable if you were playing alone. Overall, one of the most important parts about winning more games is to know how to snowball from an early lead that you could get during the laning phase (it can be simply kills, drakes, or creeps advantage). Some players learn by themselves from watching guides or videos, while others need someone to help them and to tell them why the game works this way.

Masters and Challengers players know it so you can take a duoq boost with them and see if you improve after playing with them. Some of the best can give you coaching sessions on your specific role and champion so it is also a good way to work on your mechanical skills more than macro knowledge.

You will probably see a difference in terms of improvements and knowlegde that will make you reach a higher division easily. There are so many items, champions, spells and updates that it takes months before having a basic knowledge and to be an average player.

For example, someone who started the game for 5 weeks and reached level 30 could think that he is not bad, but if he starts playing ranked games then he will realize he has a lot to learn still. So I think the player becomes better not only if he’s learning everything about the game, but if he takes time to watch replays, understand why something works like that and not just try to do what other players do.

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