August 2018

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SCUM Guide: How to Lose Weight / Fat in Your Game

scum game how to lose fat weight

SCUM is a survival game that closely simulates real life. And if there’s one tough lesson that real life has for us, that is that if you eat poorly, you’ll get fat. Exactly the same thing will happen in SCUM: you can gain weight, you can get fat and that will have a plethora of effects over various in-game things.

So today, I’m writing an article for all the people out there who suffer from a big gut in SCUM. And I’ll tell you how to lose weight in SCUM and/or how to reduce fat so that your character is in supreme form and a true survivor.

The problem is that things are not easy and it seems that (again, like in real life) you can gain weight and fat a lot faster than you can lose it. Grab those MREs, eat a bit of butter and chocolate and you’ll be rolling down the hills like a blubber of fat in no time!

So, here are some tips and tricks on how to lose fat and reduce your weight in SCUM – the best survival game of the moment:

1. First of all, even though it’s not really about losing weight/fat, it has to be said: watch your diet! Eating all the crappy things you find in the game’s world will make you fatter and fatter, so stay away from everything that sounds like something that will make you fat.

As I said before, MREs seem to be the best at increasing that fat percentage of your character, but also very high-calorie stuff like butter, chocolate and, for some strange reason, eating raw meat.

Instead, cook your meals and eat light. Yeah, you can’t avoid this even in a computer game, ffs!

So, try to look at your metabolism and eat what’s required: if you need carbs, for example, go eat fruits or pasta; if you need protein, eat some meat. Check things out and plan a bit!

2. A fun way of actually losing fat instantly is… taking a poop or peeing. Yup, as you probably know, you can pee, poop and puke in SCUM and doing so will instantly see you lose 100-200 grams of body weight. That’s a start – but you can’t do that over and over again until you’re at ideal weight, unfortunately.

3. Run, swim and be active: these things will reduce your fat levels in-game body, but not as fast as you’d like them to go down. They do, through and if you combine this with the tip #1, you will be there sooner rather than later.

4. Carry heavy stuff – this will make you burn more calories and therefore lose more fat in the game. Always keep an eye on the stats to see how you’re doing! Take your time to familiarize with everything and see how changing things you’re wearing or carrying around influence the BCU monitor.

In the end, remember that an in-game day is 6 real life hours. So you can’t expect to lose 20 kilos in half an hour. It’s just not possible! So instead, take your time, watch the foods you’re eating and… well… exercise, even if that means running around constantly, carrying things you don’t need just because they’re heavy!

If you have found other (ideally easy) methods to lose weight and fat in SCUM, share your findings with us in the comment section below. I’ll also keep an eye on the game world and see what else can be done to help your character get back in shape.

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SCUM Guide: How to Pee, How to Poop and How to Vomit

scum how to pee poop puke

SCUM is a survival game and it does take everything into account when it comes to making things realistic. This means that in SCUM, you will have to pee, poop and even vomit in order to keep on going. Because you can’t accurately fire a sniper if you need to go!

Actually, one of the most difficult things that I had to learn how to do in SCUM early on was how to pee. I knew most of the other things, I knew the basics of survival, but urinating seemed to be impossible.

Well, if you’re having the same problems as I did, worry no more! I’m here to share with you a strangely useful guide on how to pee in SCUM, as well as how to take a dump or puke in-game.

How to pee, poop or Vomit in SCUM

This is obviously the thing you’ll have to do more often and most likely the first thing that’ll have you scratch your head. But once you know how to do it, it will no longer seem complicated.

All you have to do is to find a safe spot – one that seems perfect for the actions you’re about to perform. Then, hit the TAB key on your keyboard and hold it to bring the radial menu.

There, on the right side, you’ll see the toilet symbol, which has to be clicked on. Then, you will have one of three options: take a pee, take a poop or puke:

And this would be it. Your character seems to have no problem answering nature’s calls anywhere in the world – so just do whatever you have to do when you have to do it. And make sure you do it, because not answering nature’s calls can have a really bad effect on your character.

Now that you know how to do the dirty stuff in SCUM, you might want to check out the game’s map in order to easily find your way around or check out some tips and tricks that will make your life a little bit easier.

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SCUM Gameplay Mechanics & Tips: Useful Facts to Know to Improve Your Game

scum game tips tricks

SCUM has been out for a while and everybody loves this game, myself included. One of the reasons why this game is so good is that it brings many innovations gameplay-wise, as well as new mechanics. And in today’s article we’re going to cover them all in order to help make your life easier in SCUM.

Although not a regular SCUM game guide, it’s more of a set of tips and tricks that I randomly spit thinking at the various things present in the game. I know it’s not the most organized thing you can find, but it does help to read through all these useful facts you should know about SCUM as they will help you better understand the game and maybe play better.

So without further ado, let’s check out some SCUM facts and tips aimed at helping you play better, get better loot and survive longer.

– Don’t get freaked out by the drones. They are present just as a decor option and not something to worry about.

– Wearing multiple layers of clothes/armor makes your character sweat more and faster and therefore you dehydrate faster.

– Going for a swim or simply getting into water will make your clothes wet and heavier.

– Standing near a fire for a while will make your soaking wet clothes dry.

– Dirty bandages are dangerous as they can cause an infection!

– Keeping an eye on your hunger and thirst levels is important. But even if they reach zero, you will still be able to survive for a while, giving you a chance to find some items to address the issues.

– Drinking unclean water is not safe as you can get diarrhea (but better than being dehydrated).

– Over-eating or drinking is not good either as it will have a negative effect on your character.

– Drinking alcohol can result in your character getting alcohol poisoning. You can also become an alcoholic, making your character dependent on sipping up something to stay sane.

– Fat characters can survive a bit longer without food since they have fat deposits to burn through first.

– Normally an in-game day lasts 6 hours in real life. By default, it’s 4 hours for day time and 2 for night time.

– The colors of the crafting menu: Gray means you don’t have the recipe, Yellow means that you miss some of the items required for crafting and red means that you miss all the items required.

– You can craft your own ammo and should do so!

– In terms of water requirements, your character has to drink around 300ml of water for each real life hour and you do have to go pee every now and then.

– There is no base building in the game, but at least you can fortify buildings. And farm weed. Yay!

– Make sure to clean your guns regularly as they can get jammed!

– You can stop bleeding by using a blade with a cloth and “cut into rags”. Then you can use it to patch wounds.

– You can use any melee weapon to open your cans

– Always use fame points to keep your stash after death, especially if you have good loot on hand. Don’t spend any fame otherwise.

Things are easier if you have access to the game’s map – which is something you can do by clicking here to see our article sharing the SCUM gameplay map.

Now this would be all right now in terms of SCUM gameplay mechanics and tips you should have in mind at all times. What else would you add to the list?

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Check Out the SCUM Map including Towns, Points of Interests, Bunkers etc

scum game map

SCUM is the survival game that you have to play and it is so incredibly awesome! With brand new features and great gameplay, this online game shows everyone else how such a game should be made.

But today we’re not going to praise the game as you’ve seen that done over and over again already. Instead, we’ll share a complete SCUM map with you, highlighting the points of interest in the game, the military bunkers and everything that matters.

Since the game is still relatively new, I believe that you will find the SCUM game map extremely useful and it will help you better plan your moves and strategies.

So here is the map (click to enlarge it if you want) and there’s a legend below to help you better understand what everything is:

– The white words mark the towns
– The blue ones are for towns with police stations (WEAPONS!)
– The orange text marks various points of interest
– The red dots are the underground military bunkers

Now have in mind that this map is HUGE at around 144 square kilometers, so don’t really consider it a viable option to go to the military bunker in the north-western area if you’re starting in Apatija. Or at least not if you want to do it fast.

However, this SCUM map will help you plan your strategy next time you play and make your life a lot easier in the long run. You will eventually learn these by heart if you play long enough, but until then this visual guide will come in handy.

Cheers to Fadez on Steam for sharing this map with the world and making everything so much easier.

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Humble Digital Tabletop Bundle Brings Armello, Carcassone, Ticket to Ride & More at Discounted Prices

hummble board game bundle

I love board games and my only problem with them is that I can’t always bring in my friends for playing our favorite or less-than-favorite boardgames together. Digital boardgames aka the ones you can play on your computer/laptop/tablet or whatever are coming to the rescue and if you haven’t tried some yet, you now have the chance thanks to the Humble Bundle store and their latest Humble Digital Tabletop Bundle.

Filled with boardgame goodies, this bundle is a must have for geeks who can’t bring in their friends as often as possible for a fun evening or night playing board games. It’s also great for anybody who wants a bit of extra gaming on the side. Actually, scratch that! This is the perfect bundle for all boardgame enthusiasts!

Some of the best board games – recent and old – are present on the list, available in various tiers. For example, if you pay at least $1, you can get Ticket to Ride – Complete Bundle and the Android version of the game, Sentinels of the Multiverse and Mysterium: A Psychic Clue Game for PC and Android.

If you pay more than the average ($5.85 right now), you get an even better deal with a bunch of awesome games added to the mix:

Pathfinder Adventures
Carcassonne – Tiles & Tactics
Sentinels of the Multiverse – Shattered Timelines (DLC for the original)
Talisman: Digital Edition
– Two DLCs for Talisman: The Highland Expansion and The Dungeon Expansion
Talisman for Android

Finally, if you want to splurge and spend Pay $10 you also unlock the recent and highly popular Armello board game.

As you can imagine, these games sell at a huge discount and it would be a pity to miss out on this amazing deal. Even more, I suggest telling all your friends about it, so that you can meet online and play your favorite board games.

If you agree and you’d like to get your hands on the Humble Digital Tabletop Bundle, you can do so here.

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Top 5 Fortnite Players You Should Follow

top fortnite streamers

Fortnite Battle Royale made its debut in 2017, a shooter game developed by Epic Games. A year has passed since its release and has slowly gained the popularity through the streaming channels, Twitch and Youtube. Slowly becoming a part of the esports scene, several organisations have seen the gaming potential and recruited some of the top players to represent their team best. Just a few months ago, Epic announced they have a budget of $100 million in funds going towards competitive tournaments. These events will be held from 2018 until 2019, giving you the opportunity for Fortnite betting through the best esports sites around.

At the start of 2018, gamers started to make a name for themselves, showing their capabilities through streaming channels as well as online matches. Below is a list of the top five Fortnite players you should watch and learn.

1. FaZe Tfue

Turner Tenney is an American gamer from Florida, known by his alias ‘Tfue’ playing for his team, FaZe Clan. He forms part of the gaming roster with Dennis ‘Cloak’ Lepore. His squad believed in Tenney so much that they showed off his gaming talents in an exciting video released recently in June.

From overthrowing his opponents with a shotgun to the superb sniper shots, Tenney can be controversial at times with his snooping strategies. Turner has improved the way he plays that leads him to win every conflict even in stressful situations. His insane firing is precise 90% of the time. It is safe to say that Tfue is a versatile highly skilled player, capable of taking on his enemies that are in his way.

Faze Tfue has achieved four wins out of nine Friday Fortnite tournaments held so far. On top of this, he has also accomplished gold in the NerdOut Tournament claiming a total prize of $20K. At the moment, Tfue has an astounding 3.1 million subscribers on YouTube and 2 million Twitch followers while also live streaming every day.

In the first week of August 2018, FaZe Tfue social media pages on Twitch, Twitter and YouTube got hacked. Needless to say that once he retrieves back his accounts, Tenney will set things right again and continue climbing the leaderboards. Despite all this, he is still one of the top Fortnite streamers at the moment showing off his insane skills and tricky game plays.

2. FaZe Cloak

Dennis ‘Cloak’ Lepore is pro gamer competing in Battle Royale to represent Faze Clan alongside Tfue, his teammate. Before taking on a professional gaming career, Dennis used to upload gaming videos on his YouTube channel, entertaining his fans with incredible tricky shots.

Faze Cloak became worldly recognised for playing professionally in Battle Royale and H1Z1. Competing for Faze Clan, Cloak has earned 392K Twitch followers, 162K Youtube subscribers and 229K Twitter fans.

Faze Cloak and Tfue have won together the Friday Fortnite matches in week 3,5,7 and 9, making them the four-time winners with prizes that add up to a spectacular $40K. Better yet, Lepore finished in second place at the Summer Skirmish Series match representing North America in Week 2, taking home a remarkable reward of $48K.

3. Team SoloMid Hamlinz

Darryle Hamlin is an American player and streamer better known by his gaming alias, ‘Hamlinz’ who currently competes for Team Solomid in Battle Royale. Before playing Battle Royale game, he used to fight in Call of Duty, Halo and PlayerUknown’s Battlegrounds which is where his fanbase all began.

Having had the gaming experience from shooter games, he switched to Fortnite and climbed the rankings within a year. Thanks to his video streaming, Hamlinz has become successful, showing the esports community his worth in the game. His Youtube channel has garnered a following of 629 thousand, on his Twitter account there are about 350 thousand followers, and Twitch channel reached a new milestone of 1 million fans.

All Fortnite bets were safe on TSM Hamlinz and his teammate Myth who recently won the Friday tournament in Week 4, their greatest accomplishment claiming their sensational reward of $20K.

4. FaZe Thiefs

Thief has recently joined the Faze Clan team as a content creator; however, having had the gaming experience previously with Team SoaR, he can give a few tips and strategies to his squad. Perhaps helping his teammates train to improve their gameplay while also streaming his scrims, entertaining his fans in tournaments while betting on Fortnite. At the moment, Thief He has a following on the Youtube channel with 63K subscribers, on Twitch reaching 72K and Twitter with 86K fans.

Thief is not only successful in content creation but also rose to fame as a talented player and had his fair share of competitive gaming. Previously competing with SoaR, Thief and Typical Gamer won the Friday Fortnite second tournament that was hosted by the famous YouTuber Daniel ‘KEEMSTAR’ Keem, claiming their grand prize of $10K.

One of his unbelievable video game stunts while with SoaR was in a shopping cart, where he pushed it to the top of the ridge and jumped in. Taking a downfall in the cart, Thief took a spontaneous shot hitting another player.

5. Team SoloMid Myth

Ali ‘Myth’ Kabbani is a Battle Royale player and streamer who competes for Team Solomid. He is famous for being a fast genius builder who never loses a battle where construction is concerned and takes perfect gunshots. At the moment, the Solomid player has gathered a following on Twitter reaching 1 million followers and 3.5 million subscribers on Youtube.

Some of the most recent esports tournaments that TSM Myth and Hamlinz have participated include Summer Skirmish Series and the Friday Fortnite match week 4 winning a prize of $10K. Kabbani has also competed at the Ninja Vegas tournament 2018, where he was the second favourite to win, but it did not plan out the way everyone expected.

Myth’s rise to fame started when he played against the top streamer Summit1g. The game began with a survival strategy to build upwards around a fortress. At one point, Summit thought Myth’s seconds of survival were numbered, however, something unexpected happened. The TSM player swiftly built up a winding tower, making sure he is a few stories higher than his opponent. Then opportune moment arose for Myth, taking two fatal shots down below at Summit1g who was confused and looking up, down and in all directions leaving him speechless as to how and what just happened.

TSM player, Kabbani has quite a sense of humour, entertaining to watch his game plays. Leading his team as the captain, he has shown the gaming world his outstanding skills of building towers while in combat and creating new tactics.

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