January 2018

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Fan Remakes Silent Hills With a Playable Prototype


Konami’s long lost Silent Hills could have been the start of something special. Before they became the blunder they’re known as today, Konami spearheaded a project that was to be the future of the Silent Hill franchise. Unfortunately, after the whole ordeal with Kojima, Silent Hills was officially canned.

However, the game left such an impression on the community that some fans refused to see it die. Thus, various fan projects and remakes popped up from time to time. Today, a player by the name of SmoggyChips has released a prototype version of his full remake of Silent Hills using the Unreal Engine 4. You can grab the prototype and read about the full project right here on Game Jolt.

This seems to be more than simply a remake, though. SmoggyChips has stated that this is still heavily early access and there will be more “levels” added in the future. It seems that SmoggyChips intends to not only recreate the basis of Silent Hills but also add in their own twists and surprises.

We’ve played the prototype and we’re already impressed with what’s there. If SmoggyChips can keep up this quality of work with their own designs, then we’ve got a slid horror game on our hands in the future. As demonstrated, the Unreal Engine 4 is a powerful engine that can do some pretty awesome stuff in the right hands. We’re excited to see what comes of Corridorssince Konami pulled the plug on Silent Hills before it could even get a proper start.

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Red Faction: Guerilla Likely Coming to PS4 and XB1


Ah, Red Faction. The cool shooter games with the even cooler destructible environments engine! Sadly the series seemed to die out when the original THQ closed back in 2013, and it didn’t help that the last game in the series Red Faction: Armageddon didn’t perform too well.

But today, we have THQ Nordic, a company that loves to rerelease old classics in modern form. Earlier today various European GameStop websites had a listing for Red Faction: Guerilla for PS4 and Xbox One. The listing seems to have disappeared since then, so we hope that only confirms that the game is indeed coming to modern consoles.

Originally released in 2009, Red Faction: Guerrilla shifted the series from first-person to a third-person open world adventure. Still set on Mars, the game followed mining engineer Alec Mason as he travels to Mars to begin a new life. The Earth Defense Force, the allied group from the original Red Faction, has now become an oppressive force ruling workers on mars with an iron fist. However, with all bad governments, there’s always a good rebellion, and thus the Red Faction is born anew.

Red Faction: Guerrilla enhanced the series’ trademark “Geo-Mod” engine by allowing players to break through multi-layered structures and landscapes, giving you the freedom to literally use the world as a potential weapon. The game also introduced a number of cool vehicles and mechs that Mason could pilot to really bring the pain on the EDF.

While it’s flat out awesome that we can play Guerrilla again on modern consoles (there’s also the Steam version that’s already modernized), we hope this catches a new wave of attention. The Red Faction series is a pretty cool FPS series that we’d like to see more games of, so here’s hoping!

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Nintendo Labo Brings Nintendo Magic to Cardboard


You’ll never look at cardboard the same way again! Nintendo has officially revealed their latest project, “Labo”. The goal of Nintendo Labo is to get kids – and adults too – into playing the Switch in a more interactive, tactile way.

Nintendo has often turned to thinking outside the box in search of creative new ways to have fun, but now they’re taking the box straight up and turning it into a world of amazement. Labo is a new game that brings creative new ways to play with different little minigames. Check out the trailer!

The way it works is that each Labo game comes in a kit, and the kits have their own game and cardboard set. You’ll need to build the cardboard playsets yourself, then simply take your Joy-Cons on your Switch, stick them in the designated spots, and watch as magic happens! Turn your Joy-Cons into a piano, a fishing rod, an RC car, a motorcycle, and even a giant robot that you get to pilot yourself. The possibilities are endless with Labo.

What’s interesting is that the Robot game seems to be in virtual reality, which would mark this as the second major foray Nintendo has taken into the world of virtual reality. Another interesting tidbit is that the robot game seems to be based off of Miyamoto’s long lost Wii U robot project, a game where you smashed up building as a giant robot. That’s exactly what’s happening in the trailer!

Nintendo Labo launches on April 20, 2018. We’ve got a few details about pricing. First off, on launch date there will be two packs available: the Variety Kit ($69.99) and the Robot Kit ($79.99), as seen in trailer. The Variety Kit includes the game and the cardboard pieces for the piano, RC car, and fishing rod, while the Robot Kit includes the robot game plus the intricate robot cardboard set. We don’t have any exact details yet but some of these cardboard designs are actually very complex and will require some careful construction.

When Nintendo said that they had a new way to play the Switch coming, cardboard toys were not what we were expecting. Still though, we’re pleasantly surprised! Leave it to Nintendo to pull something like this. We can’t wait to hear more about Labo!

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Shadow of the Colossus Gets a Detailed Photo Mode


We’re only a couple weeks away from the February 6 release of the PlayStation 4 version of Shadow of the Colossus. Today Mark Skelton, art director at Bluepoint Games, shared with us a special announcement that Shadow of the Colossus will feature an all-new Photo Mode that lets you snap your favorite screenshots from the game.

To the unfamiliar, this may sound like no big deal, but if you’ve experienced the beauty that is Shadow of the Colossus, then you know that the game is just oozing with absolutely beautiful, breathtaking views and landscapes. For the PS4 version, Bluepoint Games is rebuilding the game from the ground up using completely new graphic assets to give the game an entirely new, updated look.

To us, the original PS2 version of the game still stands as a gorgeous game. Shadow of the Colossus is one of the examples we like to use when stating how much more important a game’s visual style and direction is rather than raw graphical fidelity. But, after taking a quick look at the work Bluepoint has done for the new PS4 version, our jaws dropped once more. The game is beautiful, they know it, we know it, and they want you to have the power to take awesome photos.

Photo Mode will allow you to start out with a filter and adjust color balancing, shadows, midtones, highlights, and more. You’ll also be able to control the depth of field ranges and amounts, letting you create some pinpoint shots. Above all of this, you’ll be able to switch the camera from the hero to Agro, the horse, allowing you to capture some dynamic shots. There’s all sorts of stuff you can do with this tool!

Photo Modes in games are always great to have, especially when you’ve got a game as beautiful as Shadow of the Colossus. We had a lot of fun with the Snapshot Mode in the recent hit Super Mario Odyssey, so we can’t wait to dive back into the world of Shadow of the Colossus once more.

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Grab The Red Solstice For Free From Humble Bundle


The Red Solstice, a sci-fi real-time strategy game is free for a limited time from Humble Bundle. You can head on over to the game page here to get a free key that you can redeem on Steam.

Set in the distant future on Mars, The Red Solstice is a tactical, squad-based strategy game. Command a group of marines as you fight to take back Mars from martian horrors. With an extensive single-player campaign with a terrifying story and a co-op mode with up to eight players, The Red Solstice offers everything for anyone!

This may be an obscure reference but a typical level in The Red Solstice plays out like a custom campaign in Blizzard’s Warcraft III. If you’re familiar with the popular custom open RPG maps, you’ll know what to expect in The Red Solstice. You’ll issue orders and waypoints through a top-down view. Plan out your attacks accordingly and position your squad carefully lest you fall prey to the alien hordes.

Your squad consists of four marines that can be upgraded as they gain experience. Your marines will be able to specialize in certain techniques, like healing allies, deploying defensive auto-turrets, launching explosives, and more. Try out the single-player campaign, and when you’ve had your fill of the space terror story, grab some friends and take on one of the challenge missions! Work together or go down trying!

Just be quick though – these keys must be redeemed on Steam before the end of the month. Even if you have the game in your Humble Bundle library, the keys will expire at the end of January so redeem them as soon as possible!

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Solve Mysteries with Detective Pikachu


In 2016, The Pokémon Company created a rather… interesting Pokémon spin-off. We’re no strangers to Pokémon spin-off games – in fact, we like a lot of them, like the Mystery Dungeon series and of course the legendary Pokémon Snap. However, 2016 was the year Japanese audiences were introduced to a talking detective Pikachu, complete with a voice oozing with gruff.

The aptly named Great Detective Pikachu was a 3DS mystery adventure game developed by Creatures Inc, one of Nintendo’s internal development studios. They’re responsible for many Pokémon spin-off titles like the Ranger and PokéPark games. They really outdid themselves this time though because a crime-solving adventure game with a hard-boiled Pikachu detective was NOT one of the things we were expecting.

Players assumed the role of Tim Goodman, a rather average young man with a pretty average name to boot. One day he runs into the highly intelligent Pikachu detective, and it turns out they can communicate openly. After some havoc with an Aipom, the two team up to solve mysteries. You’ll run around big environments not unlike the actual main Pokémon games searching for clues to solve the current mystery. There are even some action sequences where you’ll need to hit quick-time events to get through tricky situations.

If any of that sparked your interest, you’re in luck! Today the official Pokémon YouTube channel has confirmed that the game is being localized for release in the west. Officially titled Detective Pikachu, the game be released through the eShop on March 23, 2018. Watch the trailer and bask in the glory that is Detective Pikachu’s voice. It may not be Danny DeVito, but that voice has enough gruff in it to be believable, and we love every single second of it.

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Dark Souls Remastered Confirmed for Switch, PS4, XB1


Just when we were turning our backs on that rumor weeks ago, Nintendo and Bandai Namco came out and threw us a curveball. That guy on Twitter’s rumor turned out to be true! That’s right – FromSoftware’s legendary Dark Souls is getting a remastered version coming May 2018 for the Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

You can check out the official Japanese website right over here, but good luck reading the text! Thanks to some translators on the Reddit r/games thread, it turns out that the PS4 and XB1 versions of the game will run at 60 FPS, while the Switch will remain at the original 30 FPS. While this is somewhat of a downer, the reality of a portable Dark Souls is more than enough compromise for us!

This tweet from the official Nintendo of America account talks about “improve framerate and resolution”, though it’s not clear what this is referring to. Our guess is that while the Switch version will run at the original FPS, the game’s frame rate will remain stable, specifically in certain areas – we’re looking at you, Blighttown! The improved resolution will probably make the game look a little prettier.

Furthermore the game will receive some network changes. The original version utilized a peer to peer (P2P) system for multiplayer, while the remastered version is going to using dedicated servers. Hopefully this should make co-op and invasions a little smoother! What’s also exciting is that they’re taking after Dark Souls 2 and 3 in the sense that you can now have up to six people in one world! That means three co-op buddies and two potential invaders. This should spice things up for veterans of the original Dark Souls!

That’s all the info we’ve got right now. We don’t know yet if they’re changing anything core gameplay-wise, so let’s hold out for more info. We can’t wait for this remaster!

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