January 2018

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Support Charity With the Humble Rockstar Bundle


The newest bundle to hit Humble Bundle’s library is none other than the giant Rockstar Games. That’s right – now’s your chance to grab some Steam keys for classic Rockstar Games for dirt cheap. Plus, you’ll be supporting charity in the process. As always with Humble Bundle, it’s a win-win situation! Head on over to the Humble Bundle website to check it out now.

This bundle will be donating a portion of the proceeds to the Rainforest Alliance. Don’t be fooled by the name – the Rainforest Alliance is dedicated to not just environmental challenges but also urgent societal issues like inequity, poverty, and biodiversity loss. Visit the Rainforest Alliance website for more information!

So, let’s get to the actual bundle. The dollar tier will net you the early-to-mid-2000’s era of Rockstar Games: Manhunt, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Grand Theft Auto III, and Max Payne. If you missed out on these classics, be sure to grab at least this tier as you’ll get to take a nice trip down memory lane. These games pinpoint the time when Rockstar was really making a name for itself, so they’re important pieces of history.

If you beat-the-average (which is currently sitting around $9.50), you’ll also get Steam keys of Bully: Scholarship Edition, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, L.A. Noire, and Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne. This tier’s games vary a little more on the eras, as you’ll be getting L.A. Noire which came out in 2011, but San Andreas came out around 2005.

For the final tier, you’ll need to pay $15 or more. This tier nets you all of L.A. Noire’s DLC, Grand Theft Auto IVGrand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City, and Max Payne 3. This tier features recent games from Rockstar.

And yes, unfortunately Grand Theft Auto V is nowhere to be seen here, which we’re sure many of you were hoping for. Still though, this is a great bundle if you’re a fan of Rockstar’s games. Be sure not to miss it – the bundle will be around for 13 more days.

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Ryu And Sakura Jump Into Monster Hunter World


Capcom’s celebrated Monster Hunter series has just debuted its latest game Monster Hunter World, and it’s already enjoying incredible success with 5 million copies shipped worldwide. We’ve already heard that most of the DLC coming in the future will be free content updates, and the first of the batch has already been announced. Though… we never saw this coming.

Fellow street fighters Ryu and Sakura have joined the fray in this wacky collaboration event! The first round of the Street Fighter V collaboration event features a quest called “Down the Dark, Muddy Path”. This 3-star quest requires you to hunt a Barroth in the Arena. You’ll receive special items that will allow you to craft the armor set that makes you look like Ryu!

This special event quest will be available for download during February, but if you’ve got PS4 save data for either Street Fighter V or Street Fighter V Arcade Edition, you’ll be granted early access to the quest at the beginning of February.

As an additional bonus, more guild card backgrounds and titles will be available for download, and as you’ve probably guessed they’ll also be Street Fighter-themed. There’s also a separate set of paid DLC in the form of gestures and a sticker set. The gestures include Ryu’s iconic Hadoken and Shoryuken, while the sticker set has nice stickers of Street Fighter V characters.

The next round of this collaboration event will of course feature the armor set that turns you into Sakura donned in her new outfit. The date for the second round hasn’t been announced yet, so sit tight and get ready to grab the Ryu armor first!

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Epic Games Shuts Down Paragon April 26


Another MOBA bites the dust, unfortunately. In a news article today on the Epic Games website, the Paragon team has announced that they are officially shutting down the game in a couple months on April 26.

Paragon was Epic Games’ first foray into the ever volatile MOBA scene. Featuring extremely detailed maps and heroes, the game’s presentation definitely wasn’t lacking. In terms of gameplay, the game could be compared closely to Hi-Rez’s Smite, as both games featured a third-person perspective with an over-the-shoulder camera, putting you directly in the action. There was an emphasis on fast-paced action, and Paragon pulled it off pretty well.

Sadly though, Paragon saw a massive decline in players over the past couple months, and if you’ve been keeping up with mainstream gaming news, you can probably guess why. That’s right – it was Epic Games’ own Fortnite that dethroned Paragon. After including the PUBG-like Battle Royale mode into Fortnite, the game blew up in popularity, mostly thanks to it being free-to-play.

After some “internal debates,” we can probably conclude that most of the team working on Paragon has been moved to Fortnite. Regardless, Epic Games’ intends to take full responsibility for the closure, and what this means for players is that anyone who purchased anything in Paragon is eligible for a full refund. If this means you, you can head on over here to their Support Center to put in a request.

It’s always sad to see a game shut down their servers, but some may say that Paragon was ill-fated from the beginning due to an over-saturated market. Of course, we wish Epic Games’ luck with their ongoing success with Fortnite and eagerly await whatever project they may come up with next.

Paragon will continue to operate until April 26, 2018, at which point the game will go down for good.

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Spook Yourself With a Free Copy of the Amnesia Collection


In 2010, the mother of all modern day horror games was released into the world. Amnesia: The Dark Descent was Frictional Games’ second major release after Penumbra: Overture, and it spearheaded the first-person survival horror game movement that shortly came after. And now you too can experience the horror for yourself courtesy of Humble Bundle! Head on over to their website to grab the collection for free.

The collection includes the original Amnesia: The Dark Descent and the sequel Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs. Be quick though – this offer is only good until the end of tomorrow. Once you claim the offer, you’ll receive a Steam key in an e-mail from Humble Bundle. If you have one game or the other, this key will unlock whichever game you don’t own.

If you’re somehow unfamiliar with Amnesia, let’s bring you up to speed. Taking place during the early 1800’s in London, Amnesia: The Dark Descent put you in the shoes of Daniel. He awakens in the dark and abandoned halls of the Prussian Brennenburg Castle with no recollection of the events leading up to the present. All he can remember is his name and that he lives in Mayfair. He finds a note written to himself which tells him that he erased his memory on purpose and that he must travels to the inner halls of the castle to find the truth.

With a cryptic beginning, Amnesia: The Dark Descent begins proper and it won the hearts of gamers all around thanks to its undeniably creepy setting, a good mixture of foreboding atmosphere and high-octane nightmare fuel, and its dark and twisted story. Amnesia is actually a pretty important game as it started the popular trend of YouTubers and streamers doing “Let’s Play” videos for horror games, which is still well alive today.

Don’t hesitate – grab the game, turn down the lights, and get ready for an enthralling and horrifying adventure!

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Minecraft Java Edition Aquatic Update Coming Soon

Minecraft Ocean

It seems like Minecraft is having a rush of news, because now we’re back today with another announcement! This time it’s about the original Java edition of the game. In this news article detailing the upcoming 1.13 patch, we get to hear some exciting stuff about the Aquatic Update!

Patch 1.13, lovingly dubbed the “Aquatic Update,” will feature a whole new side of Minecraft for crafters to explore: the deep unknown! Before, Minecraft wasn’t really known for having a strong underwater presence. Sure, water had some cool physics as was an integral part in certain designs, but the exploration side was a little lacking. There were some squids in the ocean, you couldn’t really see anything… that was about it.

But now, the Aquatic Update will bring lots of awesome new stuff! Expect to see a slew of new creatures including dolphins and turtles! There will be special ocean biomes too like coral reefs, deep sea vents, and more! Our Minecraft dreams of a big blocky underwater creature will soon be a reality we hope!

That’s not all though! Patch 1.13 will also include new technical stuff, like a new world format, a new command parser, and a whole rewritten world generation code. You can check out most of this stuff already in the latest snapshot, but some of it is still in the works like the world generation overhaul. Everything will be saved for the official 1.13 release when the Aquatic Update comes out proper.

This also means good news for those with an insatiable curiosity, as the newest snapshot updates will start to include the Aquatic updates much sooner than originally planned. If you can’t wait, be sure to launch good old Minecraft and opt into the Snapshot build.

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Minecraft: Education Edition Gets Scientific With Chemistry Update


So today we learned that Minecraft has an edition exclusive to schools: the aptly named Minecraft: Education Edition. What we didn’t know is that the Education Edition actually has a lot of really cool features not found in the normal version of Minecraft. One such feature is coming soon in the upcoming Chemistry update.

Minecraft: Education Edition, as the name implies, is the regular Minecraft as we all know and love but without the adventure and monster aspects; the game is essentially lacking danger in favor of a more hands-on creative approach. Think of the Creative Mode of the regular game but with new additions, like tour guides and guided lesson plans aimed at younger audiences, including Math, History, Language Arts, and more.

Now, the amazing world of science is coming to Education Edition. The Chemistry Update will add in new crafting tools that students can utilize to create compounds and awesome new Minecraft items using nothing but the power of science!

The Element Constructor allows students to create elements based on their atomic structure that selects the number of protons, neutrons and electrons. The Compound Creator lets you add elements to a grid which will result in compounds. Compounds can be used in conjunction with other tools to create new items.

The Lab Table is where the magic happens! Taking ingredients from the previous two tools, the Lab Table lets you transform items and also produce new ones. For example, you can turn wool back to its regular white color by using bleach on it, which must be made by combining water and sodium hypochlorite.

The Material Reducer is the key tool in all of this. Placing a block in this will show you an elemental breakdown of the block in question, allowing you to study the world around you and the elements that comprise everything.

There’s a lot to see in this update, and we only wish that the Education Edition features could be accessible in the regular version of Minecraft. We think all this stuff is neat, and we’d love to play around with the new science tools!

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