December 2017

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Morrowind Multiplayer Mod Version 0.6.2 Released


Ever wanted to play The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind with a friend? Those dreams are now a reality, my friend! TES3MP – that’s quite the mouthful – is a mod for one of the best games in the Elder Scrolls series. The mod is still in very early stages, so expect a lot of bugs and limitations, but it’s getting there!

Version 0.6.2 was released today, and it brings with it a couple of new features and fixes. The first new feature are NPC sounds and animations. Basically, your character can now emote using race-specific animations and sounds. Using the newly implemented /speech command, your character can speak NPC-specific lines and even perform NPC animations using the /anim command instead.

The next feature is that servers can now run console commands on clients. What this essentially means is that server scripts can do almost anything that the client plugin scripts do. As long as the server has access to it, the scripts are now expanded! This allows server admins to do things like preventing players from resting in specific spots, for example. This also retroactively fixes the attribute-boosting potion stacking exploit as well.

And now for the bug fixes. The first is that the game no longer pauses when its minimized. Before this allowed players to render themselves invincible and freeze NPC AI. Vendor inventory and trainers have also been fixed, and enchanted items retain their normal amount of charges. Quick Keys are now saved properly as well!

That’s about it. To update to this version, you’ll need to download the 0.6.2 files. Find your previous installation of TES3MP, move the “mp-stuff/data” folder from it to the new version and voila! You’re ready to go. You can grab 0.6.2 from the Steam Community page, as well as read the full patch notes.

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Mobile News

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Could Be One of the Biggest Games of 2018

harry potter wizards unite logo

2018 will be a great year for fans of the Harry Potter universe. There will be at least two games related to Harry Potter coming in 2018, as well as a full feature movie. Out of these all, I believe that one in particular is set to shine and has the potential to be a massive hit.

I am talking about Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. This will be a free to play mobile game created by Pokemon Go developers Niantic in collaboration with Portkey Games, a new gaming development studio set up by Warner Bros themselves. The latter are also working on other games set in the Harry Potter universe, so their involvement might be minimal.

But even so, Niantic definitely know what has to be done and have the experience of developing one of the most successful games ever – Pokemon Go.

Why am I so confident that Harry Potter: Wizards Unite will be a hit and not a bust as many people fear it will be?

Wizards Unite will be a game that will borrow a lot from Pokemon Go and Niantic’s other game, Ingress. It can’t be otherwise, because we’ll get a wizardry-themed mobile game that goes the augmented reality route and sees us casting spells, capturing important landmarks around us and much more.

As the game’s fansite Augmented Wizards notes, the game has the potential to become bigger than even Pokemon Go just because Harry Potter is a much more popular franchise. And even though everybody and their mother played Pokemon Go because everybody else did, with Wizards Unite there’s an even bigger fan base to kickstart things.

The only thing that Niantic and Portkey games have to do is to make sure that they’re not sending our way a Pokemon Go clone. Which is the biggest challenge in my opinion, because it’s very different to come up with something completely different.

But mixing Pokemon Go concepts with Ingress mechanics and updating them, introducing at least a few new features can result in a completely unique and different experience, something mindblowing and original, despite the fact that it borrows bits and pieces from other games.

But it’s better to take things that work well and mix them together than go wrong with a lot of new things. We do need innovation, but similar mechanics to other games won’t result in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite becoming a bust.

We have little in terms of details right now about the upcoming game and the developers probably went this route just to see the initial reaction and check out the expectations of players.

And so far, they have both been really good: the initial reaction was positive, while good suggestions popped up everywhere, from reasons why Voldemort shouldn’t be in the game, to more complex beasts recommendations, gameplay mechanics recommendations and so on. Reddit is a good place to check these out, just like the aforementioned fansite is.

And if the fans themselves have so many ideas about what the game should do and how it should look like, I am sure that Niantic and Portkey Games have the resources and skill to make that happen. And this is why I believe that Harry Potter: Wizards Unite has all the required ingredients to become one of the biggest games to be launched in 2018. I am sure that there’s an army of fans that has similar hopes to mine.

We’re also going to receive at least two more Harry Potter-related games: an RPG mobile game with a rich story is also under development at Portkey Games, in collaboration with Jam City. The game will be called Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, but unfortunately it doesn’t make me feel a lot for it. Jam City isn’t known for developing extremely complex titles and I am sure in this case that we’re going to get your regular RPG that tries to milk some extra money off the franchise.

And finally, everything will be rounded up in November 2018, when a new Fantastic Beasts movie is set to hit the cinemas worldwide. That’s surely going to be a massive hit – at least in terms of box office earnings – but I still trust Harry Potter: Wizards Unite and its potential to be the biggest surprise of the year.

What do you feel about the game, though? Do you think it will manage to become more than a Pokemon Go clone and deliver a unique, interesting experience? Let the world know by sharing your thoughts below!

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Best Time Management Games of 2017 (PC / Mac)

best time management games of 2017 – 06

If you love time management games as much as we do, you will be really happy to hear that we’ve selected the best of the best on the list below. These are, in our opinion, the best time management games of 2017!

It is true that the time management genre didn’t evolve much in the past year, but all the games we’re recommending below are top quality and doing everything right. Some even have some nice mechanics you don’t see in every game out there, plus a great story and awesome characters. You’ll love playing these games as much as we did – that’s a fact!

So let’s not waste any time and let’s check out below the best time management games of 2017, listed in no particular order.

Heart’s Medicine: Hospital Heat Collector’s Edition

When Allison receives a phone call from her mother, she doesn’t know what to think. She hasn’t seen her mom in over 20 years! Why would she contact Allison after all this time?

There’s only one way to find out – and that’s by downloading and playing this game right away. You will not regret it!

Mary le Chef: Cooking Passion Collector’s Edition

Working at a huge law firm was exactly what her parents had planned for her – however, it doesn’t make Mary happy at all… Instead, she spends her days dreaming about becoming a chef! Will she have the courage to chase her dreams and follow her heart?

I’m sure you already know the answer to the question, and you’ll be part of the adventure too! So click here to check out this game right away.

Happy Clinic Collector’s Edition

Pursue an exciting medical career in this fun time-management game with an inspiring story. Help Holly move from an internship to a prestigious hospital, with a diploma to ensure her bright future. Assist doctors to treat various diseases and illnesses, prepare medicine and tools, assign patients to treatment or diagnostics, research samples at laboratories, and engage in other exciting activities.

One of the greatest medical-themed time management games that we’ve ever played. Highly recommended! So head over to Big Fish Games and get it now.

Weather Lord: Graduation Collector’s Edition

The legacy of the Weather Lord continues as King Victor and Queen Victoria prepare to pass the royal torch to their daughter, Jenny. But before Jenny can rule, she must learn the ropes!

Amazing characters and a great story await in this great game. Download it today and enjoy it!

Fabulous: Angela’s High School Reunion

After designing the new season of prom dresses, Angela decides to organize a class reunion of her own, but things don’t turn out quite how she expected… However, you can help her save the day.

This is a Collector’s Edition version of the game, meaning that you get premium content too. Check it out here.

Delicious: Emily’s Miracle of Life Collector’s Edition

Join Emily for a very special chapter of her life! One thing is for sure, her family will never be the same again after this. Right after Emily starts her very own cooking video blog, she receives some heart-warming news… She’s expecting a new bundle of joy!

How will Emily deal with this? It’s up for you to find out by playing this game. So download it now on Big Fish Games.

Katy and Bob: Safari Cafe

Katy and Bob have arrived home after their last adventure, made up with their dad and finally started making themselves useful. One wonderful morning a letter arrived to the family mansion from their friends on the island. In it contained an offer to open a chain of cafes in the local Safari Park. After a little deliberation, the whole family set off at once to the island to strike it rich.

Will they manage to do it? Make sure you help them bring their dream to life. Click here to get the game now.

Alicia Quatermain: Secrets Of The Lost Treasures

Alicia Quatermain is the granddaughter of famous world traveler Allan Quatermain. She sets out on a long and dangerous journey to find out why her father had disappeared under mysterious circumstances. But before she can figure this out, she needs to find Allan Quatermain’s lost treasure first.

A true heroine’s quest, this will be the most adventurous, risky and important trip this brave girl has ever attempted. But will she be able to unravel her family’s mysterious past and find the treasure?

Play this Collector’s Edition today and find out!

Dr. Cares Pet Rescue 911 Collector’s Edition

Born to take care of pets and other animals, vet graduate Amy Cares decides to leave her grandfather’s vet clinic behind to take a job at a prestigious clinic in New York. It seems like a great place to help animals and really make a difference, but can she stay true to what she believes and resist the many distractions the big city has to offer?

A great time management game for pet lovers – click here to download it today.

Maggie’s Movies: Camera, Action! Collector’s Edition

Maggie has always loved the movies and longs to be a film director. But when she gets her big break as the assistant director on Waves of Love, a new film from Sure Shot Pictures, the producer keeps getting in the way of her dream.

Maggie has always been hard-working, honest and humble, but this environment is making it difficult for her to stay true to herself. Can she keep the show running, stay out of the Hollywood drama and follow her dream all the way to the director’s chair?

There are a ton of levels for you to play through this movie-themed drama. So waste no second and download the game today to get started!

These are our recommendations. I am sure that you will enjoy all the games on our list. 2017 was a good game for time management game fans and hopefully 2018 will be the same.

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Best Match-3 Games of 2017 (PC / Mac)

best match 3 games of 2017 – 07

Now that 2017 is almost all the way behind us, it’s time to look back at the best games released during the year. Today we’re focusing on the  best match 3 games of 2017. And we have a ton of great titles to choose from!

Even though match-three games are more popular on mobiles thanks to free to play mechanics, you sometimes feel the need to play a premium product. No in-app purchases, no headaches. Just plain old match three fun, and that’s exactly what our carefully selected games offer.

Check them out below, in no particular order: the best match-3 games of 2017, to play in 2018:

Rescue Quest Gold Collector’s Edition

Play through 260+ levels of uninterrupted fun as you follow the road to Turnspell Academy and study to become a full-fledged wizard! Join Boom and Zap on their fantasy adventure in Rescue Quest Gold – the remastered version with more levels, better graphics and, overall, more character.

Click here to get the game

Winter Magic Factory

Sit back, relax and enjoy your stay in Santa’s village in this match-3 adventure. Visit its landmark Toy Factory, Christmas Market in the square, Wood Cottage and Candy Workshop. Grow magical trees of funny shapes, help decorate and choose the toys Santa will deliver to the children.

Although Christmas-themed, this game is a high quality title that you will enjoy playing throughout the year. Really fun!

Click here to get the game

Mystery Loss

The little canary Twiggy is lost! Did the cat eat it? Nope, but it does appear to be a kidnapping! In Mystery Loss, a grandmother and her funny cat Leonardo have to find out who kidnapped little Twiggy. Join them on their journey in this adorable match 3 and hidden object mashup.

Click here to get the game

The Trials of Olympus III: King of the World

Enraged over the death of his father, King Xerxes of Persia assembles a mighty force to conquer Greece and get revenge. Meanwhile, humanity’s arrogance has angered the god Poseidon, who now expresses his displeasure through natural disasters.

Play as Angelo and try to defeat Xerxes, while also doing your best to win the love of Amara. All in top quality match-three gameplay.

Click here to get the game


Finally, its vacation time for a family of snails living in the garden. They’re going to their favorite spot in the southern part of the garden, but before they can leave, Brian finds that his luggage has been stolen! It’s time to embark on an adventure to find the lost luggage and the thief.

Combining your favorite genres, Match 3 and Hidden Object, PrettySnails is a great game the entire family will enjoy playing.

Click here to get it now

Medieval Mystery Match

Play in a variety of environments and travel this fantasy world as you match your way through 100 levels. Earn gold along the way that can earn you bonuses and special powers to help you progress through the harder levels.

A really interesting approach to the genre, with all the Medieval settings and items. Really enjoyed it, so you will definitely enjoy it too.

Click here to get the game

Crime Stories: Days of Vengeance

A Mafia boss named Costello went after John’s family, and his life changed forever. Now, on the brink of despair and hungry for revenge, John sets out to stop Costello once and for all. To do that, he’ll take down Costello’s associates one by one. And you will help!

Click here to get the game

5 Star Rio Resort

Help Lucy in this colourful Match 3 game to get her 5 stars and enjoy the pure summertime feeling. On the beach and beneath the palm trees many engaging tasks and exciting challenges await you. Earn extra cash in Match 3 levels and Solitaire mini games to make the holiday resort of your dreams come true.

Click here to get the game

Spellarium 2

The wizard Eric has been instructed by the Gods to create a 7th element and he’ll need your help to do it. Fire, Air, Earth, Water, Light and Darkness are the six elements our universe relies on, but the Gods have asked for another. Complete a fun varety of puzzles as you follow Eric on his journey to create the 7th element.

Click here to get the game

The Enthralling Realms: Curse of Darkness

Halfling Village was once a peaceful place, but tragedy struck when a halfling named Ebbo found a magical artifact and unintentionally brought a terrible war on the village. Ebbo became hated and despised by his friends and neighbors.

Fortunately, Ebbo finds a few allies and he partners with a witch named Alice to restore the village and make it a better place. And it’s your mission to help (hint: you’ll have a ton of fun doing it!)

Click here to get the game

These are our top picks: 10 amazing match three games that I am sure you will enjoy, some of them also mixed with other puzzles and hidden object features. Get them all and don’t hesitate to come back and let us know which one was your favorite.

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Gaming News

Classic Adventure Game Titanic: Adventure Out of Time Now Available on GOG


Did you know that about a year before the movie blockbuster Titanic astonished audiences around the world, there was a game based on the same, now famous British passenger liner? Yup, we didn’t know either, but we’re glad we found out because we love learning about obscure adventure games like this!

The game in question is none other than Titanic: Adventure Out of Time. The mid 90’s was a rather strange time for gaming, as the push for maximum graphical fidelity began, and we all know where that led – the dark age of live-action full-motion video games! Infamous games like Night Trap employed the use of live actors to make games more realistic, but it often failed and made the game feel less serious than intended. Though, there were games that pulled it off pretty well, and Titanic: Adventure Out of Time was one of them.

Now, if you’re only familiar with the James Cameron film, prepare to be surprised! In Adventure Out of Time, you play as Frank Carlson, a former British secret agent. After failing a top secret mission aboard the RMS Titanic, he tries to live out an ordinary life… only to be caught in the middle of the 1942 London Blitz. After blacking out from an air raid, he wakes up and finds himself aboard the Titanic. Having seemingly gone back in time, Carlson sets out to change history by making sure the mission is success this time.

And what a mission it is – Carlson is tasked with stopping not ONE, not TWO, but THREE major historical events. Guess what those are? World War I, World War II, and the Russian Revolution, of course! We weren’t kidding when we said it was quite the mission! In order to do this, the game played out like a classic first-person point’n’click adventure game ala Myst. Carlson must find clues and key passengers to piece together what exactly went wrong the first time this mission happened. The game was praised for its openness, as there were multiple endings depending on how many mysteries you were able to solve.

If any of the above has piqued your interest, the game has been released on GOG where it’s been outfitted with full modern PC support, and all of the usual GOG goodies. Give it a shot if you like classic 90’s adventure games!

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Gaming News

Fan-made Rom Hack Adds a Splash of Color to Super Mario Land 2


Super Mario Land 2 is a game that many gamers from the 90’s hold dear. It was one of the killer apps for the original Gameboy platform, and it set the bar for what platformers could be like on Nintendo’s early handheld system.

Featuring fun and creative level themes, a phenomenal soundtrack for Gameboy standards,  and amazing graphics, Super Mario Land 2 is one of the best handheld Mario games to date. Now, if you’re like us and you loved the game back then, we’ve got an awesome Christmas present for you!

A rom hacker by the name of “toruzz” has released a romhack for the game… that adds a nice and welcomed splash of color! Appropriately titled Super Mario Land 2 DX (like The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening DX), this romhack repaints the entire game with vivid colors. Play through the original adventure with a whole new perspective!

Not only that, but the romhack also adds in the superbro Luigi as a playable character! And get this – he even has his own physics based off of his controls in the new Mario games! That means he’s a little slippery and his jumps are a lot more floaty.

Also, apparently the original version of Super Mario Land 2 had some input lag, which this hack also removes. It’s been such a long time that we don’t really remember how bad it was, but it’s gone completely now, so you can make those pixel perfect jumps!

You can grab the patch from You’ll also need the first version of the Super Mario Land 2 rom, as the 1.1 and 1.2 version will not work with this patch.

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