October 2017

Gaming News

Spelunky 2 Officially Announced


PlayStation Paris Games Week 2017 has officially kicked off, and today we’ve got a special announcement for indie fans. Derek Yu’s legendary cave-dwelling adventure Spelunky is officially getting a sequel! The game will launch first for PlayStation 4 and Steam, with more platforms coming in the future.

Spelunky 2 – even though no game play footage was shown in the announcement trailer – seems to be picking up right where the original game left off. Spelunky Man, satisfied with the treasures he’s found over the course of his career, settles down and become a family man. With a wife he loves very much, the two have a daughter together.

Following in fading footsteps, a new legacy is born. Handing down his exploring gear, Spelunky Man’s daughter will rise up to face the shifting walls again. And thus, Spelunky 2‘s starts! Coming out of seemingly nowhere, Spelunky 2 announcement has many gamers stoked. Seeing how Derek Yu and his team are currently working on UFO 50, no one saw this coming. A pleasant surprise!

If you’ve never played the original Spelunky, it’s a pretty important game history wise. The original game was released as a freeware indie game way back in 2009, and many see it as the founding father of the major indie game movement that followed those coming years. It also serves as one of the pinnacles of the roguelike genre. The basic premise of Spelunky sees you exploring a cave in search of grand treasures. The game was easy enough to pick up, but there were a lot of nuances and mechanics that gave it depth. It was also extremely challenging as Spelunky Man could only take a couple hits before he went down.

Even crazier was if you died, you’d have to start all over from the beginning. Each time you started a new game, the cave’s layout changed. The walls constantly shift so no two runs will ever be the same. Spelunky became a timeless classic and received an HD updated with new graphics and the sort for most major consoles. With the sequel officially on the way, now’s a great time to revisit the original game, or experience it for the first time! You can grab the original, free version from the official Spelunky World website.

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Gaming News

Play Classic Arcade Games Online with Fightcade


Fightcade is a network gaming platform based on GGPO. No lie – that’s taken straight from their frontpage! If you’ve ever wanted to revisit those classic retro arcade games that you loved growing up, Fightcade has got just the thing for you. Grab a friend, but don’t worry about the quarters; it’s time to jump into some arcade goodness!

Fightcade is pretty simple to setup. Simply download the application, create a user account, and log in. Since Fightcade is essentially a souped up emulator, you’ll need to grab the roms for the games you want to play. Point Fightcade in the direction of the roms, and you’re good to go! Enter the various game lobbies to find people to play with, or bring a friend for some co-op (or versus!) action.

Fightcade’s netcode uses GGPO (Good Game Peace Out), which is a popular middleware designed to create lagless matches for online games, primarily fighting games. This means that if you’re going head to head with someone in a fighting game, you’ll be getting a near-flawless match, as if the person was right next to you just like an authentic arcade experience. Fightcade is the premiere option if you want to play old arcade fighting games online.

Fightcade will soon be receiving a huge makeover, and this includes Genesis game support! This new version of Fightcade has entered closed beta testing, and if your Fightcade account was created in 2014 or before you’ll have access to it. Closed beta access to newer accounts will come in the future.

If you’re new to Fightcade, you can head on over to the original website to download it and give it a shot. If you’re an existing user that’s been around for some time, you can visit the newer site to download the closed beta build.

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Hollow Knight Expands with The Grimm Troupe Update


Hollow Knight, the surprise indie hit of 2017 that successfully wove together a Metroid styled world and a Dark Souls like atmosphere and tone, has received its third major content update. This Halloween, Grimm and his Troupe arrive in this free update for all owners of Hollow Knight.

Players can light the Nightmare Lantern to summon the Grimm Troupe to Hallownest. This can be done at any point during the main story, so don’t worry if you’re not too far into the game. The Grimm Troupe is shrouded in mystery and only by taking part in their strange ritual will you find answers! But do not fear – you will gain a new ally to accompany you on this spooky new quest.

A new quest means new bosses, of course! New foes have arrived and await your arrival. These ancient spectres have come to Hallownest for some reason, and you must find the truth. To aid you in your battles against the new bosses, four new charms have been added into the game. Don’t forget about the little guys, too! New normal enemies have arrived, but they’re just as clever as the bosses. Don’t underestimate them!

With new areas, new music, and a bunch of new creatures to fight, The Grimm Troupe update is quite the package. To help you on this winding journey, map markers have been added into the game. You’ll be able to put down custom markers on your map to remind yourself of points of interest. Handy!

In technical news, the GOG Galaxy version of the game will receive full Galaxy support. This means that Hollow Knight will now support Galaxy cloud saves, achievements, and more. Check out The Grimm Troupe update when it drops this Halloween.

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Mobile News

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Coming November


After about two years since its initial announcement, the mobile phone Animal Crossing game has finally resurfaced in the form of Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp! After a surprise announcement that the game would be getting its own short presentation on October 24, we’ve learned that the game will be officially subtitled Pocket Camp and that it’ll be coming in November for iOS and Android operating systems.

In Pocket Camp, you’ll create your own villager per the norm for Animal Crossing games. You’ve decided to take a nice little vacation at an empty campsite run by everyone’s favorite helper Isabelle. Isabelle promptly asks you to help run the campsite, and now you’ve been thrust into another delightful Animal Crossing adventure. You’ll be in charge of furnishing the campsite, crafting amenities and other items for the campers to utilize.

All of the main attractions of Animal Crossing are still intact: you can go fishing, gather fruit, and hunt for bugs. You can talk and hang out with the animals visiting nearby areas and earn cool stuff by finding them things they need. Make new friends and even host animals at your campsite with your favorites. They’ll be able to visit anytime after that!

So Pocket Camp is, for all intents and purposes, essentially Animal Crossing lite. You’re still doing the same relaxing activities as you would in a main Animal Crossing game and you’re still making friends with all sorts of animal buddies, but now you’ve got the freedom and simplicity of a mobile device.

The game will have micros transactions of course like Super Mario Run and Fire Emblem Heroes before it, but also like those two games it seems to be pretty fair and non-malicious according to the preview. The premium currency is known as “Leaf Tickets,” and the game even pokes fun at having Tom Nook be in one of the icons for the in-game shop.

You can preregister to get notified when the game is available on the official website.

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Mega Man Maker 1.1 Introduces New Weapons, Enemies, and More


Are you a Mega Man fan? Have you tried out Mega Man Maker? It’s exactly what it sounds like! You get all the tools to create your own NES-styled Mega Man levels, complete with bosses from the main games. It’s easy to use and the possibilities are endless – no die hard Mega Man fan should miss this opportunity!

The best part about this is that you’re able to upload your own levels to the MMM servers, and other players can play through them. Players can rate your levels, and the best levels will be featured on the front page of the level select screen! Make something great and lots of people will play! Of course, you can also opt to just to play through other peoples’ creations. There are some wacky crazy levels as you can expect, but there are some well designed levels here and there.

Today, Mega Man Maker has been updated to version 1.1. This version introduces a bunch of new stuff; new weapons have been added that include an altered time-stopping ability similar to Quick Man’s weapon from Mega Man 2. Mega Man is also sporting a new surfboard-type weapon that allows him to travel across water! There are new enemies, including the “big” type enemies as seen in Mega Man 2 and forward. There’s also a redesigned UI, both in-game and in-maker. Finally, this version also adds Ice Man and Time Man as level bosses. Utilize their powers to put a nice finish on your levels!

Want to try your hand at making a Mega Man level? You can download Mega Man Maker straight from the team’s website here. You can also visit the game’s official subreddit to preview other player’s levels before you try them out, and you can share them too!

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Shin Megami Tensei V Coming To Switch


Rejoice, SMT fans! The teaser earlier this week has been officially revealed: Shin Megami Tensei V, the newest entry into the long-running JRPG series is coming to the Switch! After Shin Megami Tensei IV came out on the 3DS a couple years ago, many fans were wondering where the series was headed next, and now we finally have our answer!

Shin Megami Tensei is Atlus’ flagship RPG series which has also spawned many spin-offs. A lot of people are probably more familiar with Persona series, which is a more lighthearted take on the SMT gameplay. The mainline SMT games focused on much darker themes, like the end of the world. Originally based on a series of novels called the Digital Devil Story, the SMT games laid the foundation for tactical turn-based RPG combat with a hint of Pokemon.

Instead of having human allies who had their own unique entities to fight, the heroes of the SMT games summoned and conrtolled mythological beings and figures from just about every culture. This paved the way for some radical and imaginative monster design, which is what gave Shin Megami Tensei its unique flavor and charm.

What’s just an interesting is what this means for the Switch. We’ve already seen Project Octopath from Square Enix for the Switch, which is, for all intents and purposes, the third game in the Bravely Default series. Considering Shin Megami Tensei IV was also for the 3DS, this could very well mean that developers are seeing the Switch as the successor to the 3DS. The Switch, with its upcoming and current game library, has effectively become the successor for both the Wii U and the 3DS which is pretty interesting if you think about it.

So far the Switch is the only confirmed platform SMT V will be on, but keep an eye out for more news in the future.

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