October 2017

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Team Fortress 2’s Jungle Inferno Update Is Live


If you’ve been looking for a reason to revisit Valve’s classic team-based shooter, then the wait is finally over! The long-awaited Pyro update, officially titled “Jungle Inferno” has gone live! Our lovable mercs have once again found themselves in the middle of sticky situation. Trapped in an amusement park led by the one and only Saxton Hale, the mercernaries find themselves going toe-to-toe with a yeti?

After things have been taken care of, the park is officially renamed to Mercenary Park, and our mercs are forced to battle it out to death. Not that they mind. The Jungle Inferno update introduces five new community maps: Mossrock, Lazarus, Brazil, Enclosure, and Banana Bay. The one new official map is none other than Mercenary Park itself!

There’s also new community taunts, including the epic Yeti Punch that Saxton Hale performs in the trailer. The Engineer has The Dueling Banjo and The Jumping Jack, while the Heavy has The Soviet Strongarm and The Russian Arms Race. We can’t forget about the Pyro of course, who has The Headcase. Presenting your opponent’s heads on a silver platter has never been more classy!

Speaking of the Pyro – this update is all about them! From the last Meet Your Match update, the TF2 community got to vote on who would receive the next big update and Pyro was the winner! For starters, we’ve got the Dragon’s Fury, a new primary flamethrower that’s single-shot. The more you hit the same target, the faster you reload and deal bonus damage. Perhaps the wackiest new weapon is the Thermal Thruster, a jetpack secondary. The Thermal Thruster allows the Pyro to quickly rocket up into the air, and you’ll deal triple damage to anyone you land on, similar to the Soldier’s Mantreads. Another new secondary is the Gas Passer which lets the Pyro create a cloud that coats enemies in toxic material. If coated targets take damage, they’ll ignite as if they got hit by a flamethrower, and this works even on other Pyros! Finally, the Hot Hand, a new melee weapon allows the Pyro to speed up when they hit an enemy.

Unfortunately since the Heavy lost the poll, he’s got the aptly named Second Banana. It’s a new secondary food item that heals half the health a Sandvich does over the same amount of time, but it recharges twice as fast. I don’t know, a banana is pretty awesome if you ask me.

You can view the full patch notes over on the Team Fortress website.

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Get a Steam Link and Indie Game ICEY for Cheap


$8.69 for both?! Pricing error? Nope! Today’s daily deal on the Steam frontpage has listed 2D indie action game ICEY, along with a sweet deal on the Steam Link device. ICEY is a 2D side-scrolling action game that’s apparently super meta. As you lead ICEY through the world, you’ll be following the orders of a mysterious narrator. But why? And why is ICEY listening to you? As one user review puts it, “It’s The Stanley Parable as if it was made by Platinum Games.”

ICEY is definitely an interesting game to try, but there’s more to this deal. ICEY itself is $7.69, but you can also get the ICEY + Steam Link Bundle for $8.69! Rumors have it that Valve is planning to introduce the next iterations of Steam hardware soon, so this could be a result of that. Either way, if you’ve been in the market for a Steam Link, now’s the best time to jump on it! You even get a cool game to go with it as well!

Well, technically it’s not $8.69. That’s the base price, but after shipping and handling your total will come out to around $15 USD. Still a great deal, though! The Steam Link is a basically a convenient way to bridge your PC to a TV anywhere in your house. Simply connect the Steam Link to your router, turn your PC on and launch Steam, and voila! You’ve got Steam Big Picture running on your TV now. Valve recommends an ethernet connection for the best quality and stability.

As of writing ICEY is sitting on Very Positive Steam reviews, so this is just a great deal all around. Don’t miss out!

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Nintendo Switch System Update 4.0.0 Adds Video Capture & User Save Data Transfer


Right in time for the upcoming Super Mario Odyssey, Nintendo has released a new system update for the Switch. This update brings your Switch’s OS to version 4.0.0, which adds a numerous amount of features.

First and foremost Video Capture has been implemented! Holding down the Capture button on your Joy-Cons will record the last thirty second of your gameplay. You’ll be able to trim the clips and share them on Facebook and Twitter. However, only specific games are compatible with this feature and as of the update, this includes The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, ARMS, and Splatoon 2. We’re sure that Super Mario Odyssey will be supported once it launches later next week.

Secondly, the much requested user profile and save transfers have been implemented, though we’re not sure this is what people were asking for. Users now have the option of transferring their Nintendo account to another Switch device. This will transfer save data and eShop purchases to the target console.

Thirdly, you can now match software versions with a group of local users. What does this mean, exactly? Say you’ve brought your Switch over to a friend’s house to play some local co-op games, but your friend hasn’t updated their game’s version recently, but you have. This will create a version mismatch and you won’t be able to play locally. The software match option will allow you and group of other Switch users to play the most recent version out of the group.

That’s about it for large, noteworthy updates. Smaller thing include:

  • New profile icons from Super Mario Odyssey and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
  • Users can now pre-purchase and pre-load games on the eShop
  • The News channel has received an updated look

You can read the full version of the patch notes on Nintendo’s website.

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EA’s Visceral Games Shuts Down After New Star Wars Game Shifts Studios


Unfortunately the studio that brought us the acclaimed Dead Space series has finally kicked the bucket. In a press release today, Electronic Arts has shed some light on the new Star Wars game codenamed “Project Ragtag” being developed by Visceral Games.

Project Ragtag was set to be a single-player story driven experience. Directed by the famed Amy Hennig who previously worked for Naughty Dog writing the Uncharted story, the game was set to become the next narrative heavy entry into the Star Wars games. We haven’t seen a game like that since, what, The Force Unleashed?

EA, according to feedback they’ve received from play testers, thought that the game needs a shift in focus. Their plans involve “…shifting the game to be a broader experience that allows for more variety and player agency, leaning into the capabilities of our Frostbite engine and reimagining central elements of the game to give players a Star Wars adventure of greater depth and breadth to explore.”

We’re not sure what this means exactly. Fans have already speculated the worst: some are thinking that they’re turning the game into a multiplayer-focused romp which is obviously a far cry from the story-driven experience it originally was supposed to be. We’ll see once we get more details.

Now, onto the next big thing: this officially marks the end of Visceral Games. The project will be moving to a team led by EA Vancouver, and the Visceral studio will be shutting down with some members moving to the other teams. The game was originally planned for a late 2019 launch, but that date will most likely be pushed back due to this.

EA has quite the reputation for ending smaller studios after taking them in, and this only reaffirms everything. This has already left a bad taste in community’s mouth, but now concerns are rising about what “changes” they have in mind for the game. People are already thinking that EA is going to try to the turn the game into a Destiny-styled shooter. Only time will tell what future lies for Project Ragtag.

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Become a Rabbit Martial Arts Master in Overgrowth


A small indie team known as Wolfire Games released a little gem way back in 2005 called Lugaru. You played as a humanoid rabbit warrior named Turner. After a brutal encounter with raiders, Turner swear to avenge his village and family. Lugaru was, for all intents and purposes, a third-person beat ’em up game, but when you actually played the game it quickly became apparent that it was so much more than that.

Lugaru featured a rather complex fighting system that emphasized close-quarters combat. Most of Turners attacks were performed with a single button, but it was when, where, and how you pressed the button that determined what move came out. Turner was capable of awesome moves like wall running, jump kicks, backflips, roundhouses, and more. The combat system definitely had a steep learning curve, but once you got into the groove of things Lugaru felt absolutely amazing to play.

David Rosen, the original creator of the game, released Lugaru while he was still in high school. While that’s an impressive feat on its own, he and a small group of friends shortly began work on the sequel a year after. Due to time constraints of college, the game went dark for sometime. After he finished college, Rosen officially announced that the game resumed production and its official title was Overgrowth. This all happened in 2008.

Now, after nine (!) years of arduous development, Overgrowth has officially left early access on Steam. Taking place a few years after the events of Lugaru, Turner once again finds himself in the middle of a conflict where his fists and feet will have to do most of the talking. Play through the campaign to experience the new story, or take on community challenges and mods, or even create your own!

Overgrowth features the same hectic and complex systems from Lugaru but with a revamped parkour system, new takedowns, new moves and abilities, new weapons, and a whole lot more. Overgrowth is available now on Steam for its special launch price of $16.79 USD (normally $20.99).

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IGN Has Acquired Humble Bundle


In an unexpected turn of events, the video games media giant IGN has announced today that they’ve acquired Humble Bundle. The finer details of the deal have not been disclosed, but this could be potentially big news for Humble Bundle.

Humble Bundle, as most know, is a digital distribution service where you get to pay what you want for a nice collection of software. Humble Bundle started out in 2010 selling indie game bundles that were carefully curated and that’s how it became so popular. The early bundles contained stellar games for very low prices, and soon enough Humble Bundle went on to start selling books, audiobooks, PC software, and more. They’re still mostly known for their great video game bundles though.

The best part about this is that everyone wins! When you’re making a purchase through the Humble Bundle website, you can decide how your money is split. You can set how much goes to the developers, Humble Bundle themselves, and charity. Gamers got some awesome games while charities were getting much needed donations.

But what does this buyout mean for the future of Humble Bundle? Jeffrey Rosen, CO-founder and CEO of Humble Bundle released an official statement today saying that they chose IGN because “they really understand our vision, share our passion for games, and believe in our mission to promote awesome digital content while helping charity.” Rosen goes on to assure that Humble Bundle will remain as it is today, and nothing major will change.

Unfortunately, while this sounds all good, the community has already spoken up about their doubts. Fans are concerned about the conflict of interest for a video games journalism site combining forces with a digital distribution platform. Since IGN is part of the games being sold now, they have a financial interest and investment in them. Nobody expecting anything drastic to happen short-term, but many are already concerned for the future of Humble Bundle.

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Explore a Vast Open Plain in Warframe’s latest expansion Plains of Eidolon


Lighting-fast action shooter Warframe is getting its latest content update today in the form of Plains of Eidolon. As the name suggests, players will be able to explore the titular plains in the style of a modern open-world game. The Plains of Eidolon is home to interesting creatures, hidden caves, lush forests, and of course new enemies and missions.

Eidolon is a living, breathing world with natural resources abound. In addition to fighting the new threats found across the plains, players can take a breather and go spelunking to find precious metals and ores in the deep caves. You’ll even be able to fish at the various lakes and rivers strewn across the land. Even super advanced robot ninjas need to take a break every now and then.

While it sounds mostly peaceful, there’s always trouble in the world of Warframe. The Grineer have built drilling stations and outposts across the plains to excavate technology from the old war. The Ostrons, the native citizens of Eidolon, request your aid! Players can storm Grineer outposts to liberate the plains. Beware, as the Grineer have a nasty habit of doubling in numbers at the worst moments possible.

In addition to Warframe‘s established stylish modes of travel, players can summon their Sky Archwings that allow them to fly through the beautiful landscape. There’s lots of wonderment to behold here, so be sure to take your time as you stroll through the plains.

Be sure not to stay out too late though. The plains features a day and night system where monsters and creatures change as the light fades from the sky. When night falls, the titular Eidolons rise from the waters to search for what they’ve lost in the old war. These massive, towering Sentients must be tackled with a full group of Tenno and they will test all of your skills.

And of course, players will be able to visit Cetus, the new capital of the Ostrons. Shop around, enjoy the sights, and learn their history with the Sentients. Players will also learn of the new Warframe “Gara” here, the Lotus’ newest warrior.

Plains of Ediolon launches today on the Steam version of Warframe.

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