August 2017

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Solve the Plague Mystery in Open World Survival Thriller Pathologic 2


A seemingly quiet town is haunted by the chilling atmosphere of a looming threat – a threat that is nearly incomprehensible. They say it’s a plague, but with what you’ve seen happening in this town… it’s more than just a disease. You have to get to the bottom of this mystery, but everyone in town has their own agendas. Some might be allies, some might enemies, some might just do their own thing. You don’t have much time, and this fate of this town rests on your shoulders.

Pathologic 2 is a complete remake of the original Pathologic that released way back in 2005. Pathologic was a very unique game for its time as it focused on delivering a very intriguing story that’s wrapped up in a very dark and oppressive atmosphere. As is the case with most of these games, Pathologic wasn’t very well-known and sold poorly, but it became a cult classic with many players who appreciated the game’s unique experience and excellent world design.

The original game followed the story of three characters who were known as healers. They each come to the same town in the middle of nowhere, and an epidemic occurs as soon as they arrive. You’re given 12 days to protect yourself from the plague while trying to piece together what the plague is and the other mysteries surrounding the town. Each character had their own circumstances for being in the town, leading to a new experience when you played a different character.

Pathologic 2 – even though it’s got that pesky 2 at the end of its title – is, again, actually a remake of the original game. The main plot line will be generally the same, but there will be new characters, new arcs, and new curiosities for players to discover of course. There will be new survival mechanics, new ways to interact with NPCs, and more. You still only have 12 days – will you be able to stay alive and solve the mystery of the plague by then?

Pathologic 2 is currently planned for an Autumn 2017 release. You can download and try a demo that highlights an area from the main game, right here on Steam. The original Pathologic also got an HD port, which you can check out on Steam as well.

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Travis Strikes Again: New No More Heroes Game Coming to Switch


Everyone’s favorite beam katana wielding otaku is finally making his grand comeback! Travis Touchdown returns in an all new No More Heroes adventure for the Nintendo Switch. Suda51 does it again with his trademark wacky style – just check out the trailer and you’ll know what we mean.

For all intents and purposes this new game seems to be essentially No More Heroes 3, just without the number. Travis is shown playing the indie hit Hotline Miami before he’s assaulted by a mysterious assassin. Travis whips out his trusty beam katana and the two face off.

After some brawling, we find out that the masked man is known as “The Bad”. Quite the name, huh? But if you recall from the original No More Heroes, the 2nd ranked assassin was Bad Girl, the bat-crazy woman that even Travis had trouble taking down. The Bad turns out to be the father of her, claiming that he’s come for Travis’ life because he killed his daughter. He’s even wielding a reinforced baseball bat! Like father like daughter?

Perhaps the coolest thing about this announcement is how the game will be played. The game will be built in Unreal Engine 4, and will play like the previous two No More Heroes games – third-person hack’n’slash action games. Six indie developers are actually collaborating with Suda51 to help develop the game, which explains the presence of Hotline Miami in the trailer. The plot will have Travis jumping between various indie game worlds, and that just sounds amazing.

Whatever the other indie games are, we hope they fit as well as Hotline Miami does. Travis is totally the type to play a hyper violent video game like Hotline Miami, and we can’t wait to see how he’ll do inside these worlds. Suda51’s style of humor plus the creativity of various indie games? Sign us up!

No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Again doesn’t have a release schedule yet, so stay tuned!

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Goodbye Miiverse: Nintendo’s Social Media Platform Shutting Down November 7


When it was discovered that the Switch had no Miiverse functionality, many were concerned about the future of Nintendo’s own social media network. Sadly the fears have become reality as the official Nintendo website posted news today that Miiverse for the Wii U and 3DS will shut down on November 7, 2017. We expect an official announcement to come from Nintendo of America soon.

Miiverse launched alongside the Wii U’s launch back in the Winter of 2012. While it didn’t seem like much, it was one giant step for Nintendo who had barely acknowledged that people existed on the internet before that. Miiverse served as a sort of social media platform for Nintendo gamers – it was added to the 3DS sometime after. Each game had its own individual community where players could write posts, post screenshots of their adventures, and create polls.

Some games even implemented Miiverse in clever fashions. Walking around in the main hub of Splatoon let you see other players’ drawings and messages, as if they were actually there in plaza with you. Nintendo Land did the same thing where players could talk about their favorite attractions. Super Mario Maker let players comment on specific points of custom levels. The Miiverse stage in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS would display messages related to the fighter who was in the lead.

Some saw it as a novelty, while for others it was the main way to connect with other Nintendo gamers. It was simple, easy to use and of course featured that unique Nintendo charm. While this is sad news indeed, there’s still some hope. In Splatoon 2, there’s a built-in feature that allows you to draw pictures and send messages just like the Miiverse feature in the original Splatoon. We hope more games utilize something like this in the future.

The main reason for this seems to be Nintendo wanting to push user created content on more mainstream social media platforms, like Facebook and Twitter. Considering the Switch has native support for posting screenshots and the like to those platforms, this seems likely.

It’s been a good run, Miiverse!

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Meet Street Fighter V’s Newest Fighter: Menat the Mysterious Fortune Teller


Street Fighter V‘s Season 2 character line-up continues strong! Last month during EVO 2017 we saw the reveal of Abigail, the fourth character from the Season 2 pass. Today, Capcom has officially revealed the fifth new character, Menat!

Menat is a young, mysterious fortune teller who once appeared in Ed’s dreams. She is heavily implied to be Rose’s apprentice, and has thus decided to carry on her legacy of traveling and the world and sharing her prophecies. She hails from Egypt, and you can really see the Egyptian priestess in her aesthetic design.

The designers seem to be going for the “simple to pick up but hard to master” approach when they designed Menat. She has relatively low health and a low stun threshold, and only has a couple of special moves focused on manipulating her crystal ball and her Soul Reflect.

Menat’s unique fighting style is centered around her crystal ball which she can freely throw out and recall. Attacking in conjunction with your crystal ball and lead to some very tricky situations for your opponent. Catching your foe at unsuspecting angles and mastering the crystal ball will be key to victory with Menat! Activating her V-Trigger will cause her crystal ball to split into six, allowing you to barrage your opponent for the ultimate offense!

It seems Menat has also learned a few tricks from Rose. Menat’s V-Skill allows her to perform the aforementioned Soul Reflect, which lets her absorb or reflect projectiles. She can even use it at point-blank range for a bit of damage. She also appears to have some sort of anti-air in which she leaps into the air to catch mid-air opponents. She then throws them away and ends the moves with a cute pose! It’s very similar to Rose’s Soul Throw, one of her signature moves.

Check out the official Capcom trailer above, then you can head on over to EventHubs’s Menat page to see a command list that details her moves.

Menat will arrive on August 29. You’ll receive her automatically if you’ve purchased the Season 2 pass – she’s 100,000 fight money otherwise.

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Former Half-Life Writer Mark Laidlaw Publishes Possible Half-Life 3 Plot Summary


Out of the blue yesterday, Mark Laidlaw, lead writer on the Half-Life games, published an interesting letter on his website. You can read it here. Go on, we’ll wait. If you’re a big Half-Life fan you cannot miss this, as sad as this is.

You’ve probably noticed that a lot “interesting” words here and there – this was probably done to not make it such a blatant reference. If you’ve forgotten some of the names, here’s a Pastebin of the letter rewritten with all of the original names intact. Half-Life 3‘s NDA supposedly lifted the other day, so many are speculating that this could very well have been the plot to third and final episode of the Half-Life story.

Which is a confusing mix of despair and hope, to say the least.

Firstly, this is a really nice gesture from Laidlaw. As a fellow writer, I would’ve done the same thing if I was in his position. He knows the fans are dying for some sort of closure, and here we are. Half-Life is an important piece in the history of PC gaming, and Valve wouldn’t be who they are today without it.

Secondly, we want to draw attention to the very last paragraph. It could mean a multitude of things. This could officially mark the end of Dr. Gordon Freeman’s adventures, but does it also mean the end of Half-Life as a whole? Who knows, but considering the silence from Valve, we have our doubts as we’re sure most of you do as well.

We mentioned hope earlier. This letter might have been Laidlaw flinging a light of hope into the future. We’ve already seen fan games get officially recognized by Valve, like Crowbar Collective’s Black Mesa, a full remake of the original Half-Life. Fans have the story in their hands now, so we can only imagine a fan-made Episode 3 is an inevitable conclusion.

Regardless of everything, it’s still mind-blowing – and a bit somber – to think that this is how Gordon Freeman’s legacy ends.

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Become an All-encompassing Hole in Donut County


“What is a hole? Philosophers disagree.”

Just those few words and the sight of a raccoon delivering such a philosophical question does more than set the tone of upcoming indie title Donut County – it puts you right in the center of the game so you know exactly what to expect.

In Donut County, you play as a, well, hole. You can maneuver the hole from underground, and every time you eat something the hole gets a little bigger. Donut County feels very similar to Katamari Damacy in both the aesthetic, gameplay, and overall wackiness – but that’s a good thing. A very good thing.

You can check out the trailer right here. Watch as the raccoon waxes poetics of a hole, then watch him fall right into it. The trailer shows some interesting setups, including a desert village, a barn, a riverbed, and more. One of the main mechanics is that you’ll actually be able to utilize the things you eat. The trailer shows off a segment where flames burst out of the hole, letting it melt some obstacles around.

You can mix and combine items to bestow your hole various powers. The game might be structured like small one-shot levels where you’re presented with a single puzzle and you have to work with what you’ve got in the immediate area, as demonstrated by the last bit where you’re helping that hot air balloon get untangled. You can even shoot objects back out if you don’t want them. It’s a little traumatizing if you’ve sucked up a living being, but hey, it beats being in the hole.

Donut County has already captured our hearts with its simple yet charming looks and Katamari Damacy inspired gameplay. The game is currently scheduled for a 2018 release, but we’ll probably get an exact date later down the line.

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