About Darren

I’m a 37 year old guy who loves to play and talk about games. I’m an Electrical Engineer who currently lives in Ottawa, Canada. I’m married with two beautiful daughters who keep me quite busy.

I’ve been playing games ever since I can remember. The most memorable and oldest game memory I have is when I was playing the good ‘ol C64 back in the day…ahhhhh…

My first MMO was Asheron’s Call 2 (I know…I know…you can stop laughing now). I was amazed with the world and the people I played with. Since then I’ve played almost every MMO that has come out. I’ve got lots to say (almost too much), so I decided to let it all out with this blog.

In my spare time I like to play guitar, play games, golf and generally be a pain in the ass to anyone who listens.

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