A Wise Man indeed

John at tagn has put up an extremely plausible business reason why were seeing a big push from SOE to get players back into EQ2. Got read it here. I really don’t have any info on whether this is remotely true, but we do know a big storm is coming from WoW and WAR and SOE has got to brace for it. Then again, it will hardly mean the end of Norrath since I think that EQ and EQ2 against those two will really matter in the end. Really, when WAR comes online, it’ll be fighting WoW. I doubt we’ll see very much migration from EQ or EQ2…or Vanguard for that matter.

Now, about the older EQ and EQ2 players that are complaining about these incentives. John is absolutely right…it is done everywhere else in business. I really don’t see Sprint customers whining about some “slap in the face” (… and I swear if I hear that from another MMO player, I will be doing some slapping…) from the latest “switch to us for free and get call waiting” marketing ploy. Time to put away the rattle and grow up a bit I think. Welcome to big people world were new customers are actually good for business (…sorry, it’s late and I’m cranky ;) ). What do old customers get? You guys get a stronger EQ2 from the new revenue SOE sees from this marketing push. You guys get more content. You guys get new people to your guilds. You guys get to be the “mature” EQ/EQ2 players that you claim to be and welcome these new players to the fold….right?

Again…I like EQ2. I think, hands down, that it beats WoW in terms of content and now…yes, I’ll say it…polish.

/Darren runs crying home to take a shower.

But here’s the secret to EQ2. Find a really good group of people to play with or you will not have as good a time as you could have. You can solo in EQ2, but there is some amazing stuff you can do/get with groups.

D out.

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