Darren Ponders – Part 2

Yeah….I’ll stick with both. GW is free after all, there is no loss what-so-ever except for time. Besides, I like getting my ass handed to me every single time I PvP. It’s fun. I can’t in good concience give up AoC…it’s just too immersive for me to ignore. I do agree with Michael though, and this is what I was trying to say yesterday with my “two dimensional comment”, and “WoW-ish” character advancement. I kind of disagree with Michael’s idea that you see everything once you hit a certain level (…level 13 in his example…), but this is his specific case and not mine….but I understand where he?s coming from.

This whole discussion came up in yesterday’s WoW group. You know, WoW vs WAR vs AoC vs The World. Great discussion during it, I mentioned that I wish Conan had “something more”. When pressed about what that “something” might actually be, I actually had a very hard time expressing what that ?something? was. So, I’m going to try to explain it better…at least to myself.

When I play games like Guild Wars, I think; wow, the PvP is really good and I like that you unlock skills through PvP progressing. I like the whole collector card game kind of way that you build your character. When I play a game like WoW I think; love the feedback and pacing I get from this….f%$# faction grinding. When I play a game like AoC I think; wow….I’m actually in the world of Conan…and hey, that mob’s head just came off. When I see features like the Book of Knowledge from WAR, I think; wow, I’m constantly going to have stuff to unlock and discover with the world and my character.

I guess the problem that I see with AoC is that it really offers nothing new in the realm of character development or progression. I know exactly how my character will progress…from level 1-80. I see the skill tree and I know exactly where I’m going. There will be nothing that zips across my screen with those ugly black bars (PLEASE FIX THAT!!!) that will surprise me in terms of how my character grows. I wish it would throw more goals at me than get to level x, craft to level y, and get to point z on the skill tree. It’s like Funcom put all of its effort into combat and an immersive world and just WoW’d everything else….which, I guess, is the safe thing to do.

D out.

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