Cryptic Takes STO?

There is now a rumor (?unconfirmed?) that Crytpic is our white knight in shining armor. I?d put this one in the ?very likely? category. With Marvel universe being shown the door, Cryptic must now be looking for a new title?and what a title this could be if done right.

Let?s say that this is true?.just for hell of it. If true, I would say that this does give me hope that STO will be done right. Why am I hopeful? Cryptic did a great job with CoH/CoV. I?m not just talking about the actual gameplay of the two titles, but they seemed to understand how to make the player feel like a comic book super hero. They ?got it? when it came to the feel and the atmosphere of being a hero. If they can ?get? City of Heroes, than I?m hopeful that they can ?get? Star Trek. They also know how to make a game fun, which is the point of why we?re all here. I remember the first time I got my flying power in CoH. It was the very last day of the beta and my group of peeps did missions and arrested bad guys just so that I can experience it. Wow?.what a memory that is. I?m positive that Cryptic can make this game fun.

Why am I still worried? Star Trek games, historically, suck. There are various reasons why this is the case, but we?ve all come to love this trend as the Star Trek gaming curse. I have my doubts that Cryptic has the kind of power which is needed to fight against the curse. They understood heroes?maybe they?ll understand what ?boldly go where no one?s gone before? means. I?m also worried that, like COH/V, they will make STO into a one trick pony. For a very long time, COH was all about combat and nothing else. It was fun for about 25 levels, but after that every bad guy started looking the same. Every encounter played out the same way. Every mission ended up being an echo of the previous one. I have a gut feeling that Cryptic will start STO in very much the same way. It?ll be fun, no doubt, but something like that is not Star Trek. Something like a CoH in space will not transmit the Star Trek feeling and in the end, will be a disappointment that will drive us out of our Galaxy Class ships and back into the warm, soothing hands that is WoW.

D out.

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