Has it got legs?

In SOE podcast #25, Brenlo made some comments regarding the latest producer letter. When I first heard his comments I really didn’t think anything of them because, well, I kind of agree with him. VG is going to have to make changes in order to appeal to more people. They will have to remove “frustrations” in order to see “new blood” in the game. I think even the old hardcore gamers would agree with this….although, I do think that animal is extinct, or close to it in MMOs.

Here’s what I didn’t agree with…that VG’s main frustration is the death penalty which is apparently something they are taking a serious look at. Jaye, our resident VG expert summarizes the death penalty view vary well:

If you die in Vanguard, you leave a tombstone at the point of death. Any gear you have on that?s not soulbound is left on the stone, and you lose some experience. If you can get back to your tombstone, you can loot it for your gear plus much of your lost experience. But you can also summon it at any altar, which gives you back your gear but you don?t get the exp. In all my 50 levels of playing, doing plenty of soloing and dungeon crawling, I have not had a time where I worried about dying, and believe me, I?ve taken plenty of chances. Steep would be rotting corpses, lost gear, (stolen gear!), and multi-night corpse recoveries. I endured all of those in Everquest. Vanguard is not Everquest.

Say it sister. So the issue is not the death penalty.

If you look at this thread in the forums, a reasonable argument once again turns into the old “hardcore” vs “causal” debate or the “hard” vs “easy” or the “old gamer” vs “new gamer”. Oy. Talk about missing the point completely. It’s not about young, old, hardcore, easy, jeese pick a buzzword….its about making a game that has some suck into one that doesn’t have any… and yes, the end product may not have you in mind personally.

Again, Jaye says it perfectly regarding why VG is not doing so well:

They left because they?d spend days and days trying to kill thousands of ants, click things, and do handstands to spawn the ant queen, only to find out that it wasn?t working/wasn?t in the game. They left because after having two consecutive double experience weekends, they had bumped into the edge of content, and discovered that there was a lot that was completely unfinished. They left because they were falling through the world, they were stuck in combat, they saw rampant hacks and duping, and they got tired of seeing something as simple as a door to the Beranid Hills quest hub be broken, months later. If you want to talk about things that are frustratingly difficult in Vanguard, the death penalty would be pretty far down on the list.

Say it again sister!

What everyone needs to concentrate on right now is making VG a better game. You have a producer that just asked all of you VG players to contribute to this new “vision” (/cringe). So, instead of bringing up the old, tired and useless debate of old, new, young, old, get up off you ass, get behind community leaders like Jaye and Troy and make Vanguard the game it needs to be.

D out.

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