Call Out – Are Bloggers Press?

This is kind of a shout out to all of the bloggers out there because I’d like this to be a topic of discussion for SUWT#9 or 10 (…where ever I can fit it in…). If you have a blog, put in your two sense, link this article or send me an email to let me know that you’ve blogged about it. If you’re not a blogger, comment away and I’ll get those comments in the show.

Are bloggers press? I’ve been thinking about this for some time and really I haven’t come up with an answer. I can only speak for this site, but most of the articles I write here are opinion or editorial about this, that and the other thing. If you’re coming here for facts, then you’re really reading the wrong site. I’m not saying what I do say here is inaccurate, no. What is written here is what I think is right based on my opinion of the facts…with some of those facts mixed in to give context. “Press sites” like Gamespot or 1UP have to be right on their facts when they write about a game. Me? Not so much. I’ll write my opinion on the news of the day. Example…the article I wrote about Raph just today. Gamasutra wrote about the facts of what he said. I took what they said and told you all my opinion based on various things Raph said. Press usually report facts and the news, and that’s it…bloggers don’t necessarily do that every day.

Wanna know my opinion? Heh ;) I think blogging is a bit of a square peg that doesn’t really fit in the round hole that is “Press”…at least, not yet. We’re getting there, but I think that industry people have a bit of a hard time figuring what we’re about at this point. We are links to a community of people and we communicate our thoughts and ideas to our audience. Do we report news? Sometimes. Do we bring forward our opinions on that news? Certainly, yes. Are we “Press” for doing so? Ummmmm….

D out.

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