Stupid is as End Game does.

Like everyone else, I’ve read Jeff’s article on the End Game and how “stupid” it is. He essentially does not understand why some people go through the end game when they’ve reached, well, the “end game”. In his words:

Once you are at the maximum level in a game, you put yourself in the most gruesome position imaginable. Your portion of the market is large enough that the game companies will continue to design the occasional degrading and time-consuming treadmill to keep your 15 bucks a month coming in. But your portion of the market is too small for them to actually care about you.

That means, among other things, poorly balanced raid dungeons that have received only the barest touch of a beta-tester’s gentle hand. They will only test the mega-dungeon enough to make sure playing it won’t actually launch the space bar on your keyboard into your carotid artery, and then it will be deemed non-broken enough to burn 80 hours of your life.

In all honestly, Julie kind of stole my thunder….’tis the price of waiting to blog about something that catches your eye. The end game is all about the community and going through the dungeons with your friends. Yes, I have complained many-a-time on this very site. The act of going through the same dungeon in WoW, over and over and over for very little reward is, well…it sucks. I still think there is a gross imbalance between time played and reward gained. Honestly though, when I think about my times raiding MC, BWL and other end game dungeons in WoW, I remember the people the most. The funny stuff that is said over Vent vastly overshadow any negative feelings about bad end-game design. The stupid things that people did in my guild where just funny as hell (…humping the wall. You know who you are…) beats how numb my ass got sitting in my chair for 5 hours in MC.

He continues:

And finally, you might be having fun. Hey, anything is possible. In between the constant death, the guild drama, the tedium, the doing the same dungeon dozens of times, and the hunting for money to repair damaged equipment, you might still have a few flashes of fun and excitement.

I can’t argue with that. But you know something? You could be having more fun! It’s your leisure time. Make the most of it!

When you stop being part of the happy masses and become part of the endgame, go to the next game. That fresh, exciting feeling when the world is new, you enter new areas all the time and you can actually be surprised occasionally… it can still happen! You can even gain levels again!!!

I don’t think I would have had those great community experiences if I just moved on to the “next thing” as he suggests. Sure, I did eventually move to other games, but a) it’s part of what I do for this blog and SUWT, and b) it’s not because I just hit level cap. I think everyone should experience the end game of at least one MMO. It’s a lot like army boot camp (…I imagine…). It’s tough, grueling, painful and in the end, it’s the experience of going through that with others that sticks with you.

D out.

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