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I had some really good comments and one link back from my article from yesterday with some very interesting points of view.

I’ll deal with the comments because first almost all of them brought up a very interesting theme. I’ll just pick Cameron’s right now to illustrate the point most were making:

Yeah. As much as I like gritty games and comics with sex and violence, I can’t help but feel it’s erroneous to peg that as an “adult” game. That’s not to say that Conan is kiddie. But I do think that Conan as both a setting a license is a very specific kind of adult game– the kind that appeals to adults who are predominantly 18-40 and male.

I don’t think it’s fair to call it an adult game in the sense that we usually mean when we say something has “adult content”, which I think is much more inclusive and broad than “gritty, violent, and highly sexual.” Adult content means anything which is too complex, overwhelming, or emotionally charged for a child to experience– at least, that’s what it means to me.

Perhaps that’s why not as many “adults” are jumping on Conan’s “adult gameplay” bandwagon as you’d expect.

Like I said, most of the comments expressed the opinion that we may not necessarily get a mature audience just because this title is rated ‘M’. Aspendawn even mentioned that there was a forum post about a kid whose mom already said that he could play it. There are always those parents who don’t give a rat’s ass about what their kids play…so there is nothing much we can do about that. What’s interesting is that some people think that this game will attract the complete opposite of its intended audience, i.e. a mature title with an immature community. The 18-25 year old crowd who will feed on the violence and sexual content and scream things like, “Yayyyy….look at the bewbs on that chick”.

This whole thing gets me wondering about who we’re actually talking about when we’re talking about that gamer we all love to hate. For some reason, I picture that we all have this image of the young 13 year old kid who screams into vent, who talks trash at the drop of a hat and who pollutes the forums with “can I have your stuff” posts. We’ve seen and heard the Youtube videos of this kid yelling at his mom because she told him it was time for bed. We’ve heard him go into fits of rage during a PvP session that would make Jack the Ripper put his tail between his legs. Given these comments and other observations, I’m wondering if we’ve got the wrong age group pegged for the typical behavior that we abhor in our favorite pastime. I’m starting to form the opinion that it is perhaps the 18-25 year old, I dare say…males, that are the bulk of the problem. Hmmmmm…next time I hear one of these freaks I’m going to ask him how old he is and then start keeping stats.

Brendon commented on the article with one of his own and comments regarding the “Adult” community:

The world of Conan is filled with 2 things: Sex, and Violence. I’m not saying that’s all there is too the lore, or that it is a shallow experience or that it doesn’t touch on other issues, but that is what Funcom is selling this game as. Come check out our game filled with sex and violence. And people are curious as to why the adult community isn’t impressed? Here’s a hint, if I am going to have a mature conversation with someone, it probably isn’t about either of those two things. That appeals to young boys, and that is, sadly, the market they will get (because hey, the majority of parents don’t give a crap what there kids are playing and don’t bother to check.)

..and he hit the nail on the head right there. When you have an adult conversation with someone, the subject of conversation doesn’t always come down to decapitation and booty-calls.

So, this whole experience should be a bit of a warning to others here and it ties in to what Brent mentioned on VW #67…let’s not get too tied up with this title, and definitely don’t assume that the ‘A’ rating translates to a mature community.

Thanks for the comments everyone.

D out.

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