New Website..and yes, new podcast incoming

As most of you know, I have a couple websites out there right now. This one, which is a gaming/editorial/Darren-let-off-steam gaming blog. Commonsense gamer has had more of a focus on MMOs than with other single player games. I also have my religious site, where I tackle some relatively more serious issues of faith and philosophy. Of course, there was SUWT, a podcast about bringing the MMO blogging community together to talk about the issues of the day.

So, after some thought, I decided I needed to merge all of these into one site and expand the audience a bit…thus was born The goal is to cover not just MMOs, but any game on any platform as well as books, movies, kids stuff, technology, and yes, faith issues specific to the Catholic Church but still relevant to faith in general. The idea, on the gaming side is to evangelize gaming to people of faith. On the faith side, it’s to expose gamers to a mature (…read that word again…) and up-to-date view of, again, not specifically Catholicism but to faith in general . It is my view that there is a gap between the two world views and CatholicGamer’s mission is to…not close it…but bridge that gap.

Did I say “Podcast”? Yes I did. There will be a CatholicGamer podcast as soon as I figure out what format to use. Yes, I will be borrowing from a lot from the SUWT format, but with some minor changes. I’m thinking that the podcast will start NO LATER than September. There will also be videocasts as well. As soon as I can, there will be appropriate adverts on the site as well as a means for you to support the site in various ways as well. I will also be looking for contributors to the site. Contributors can be about any of the topics I mentioned above. Stay tuned for more details on how to contribute once I work out all of the details.

This is going to be different, but good. So go take a look as there is already about a weeks worth of content up already.

Please also note the commenting policy for the website. Feelers have already started going out to the established Catholic Blogger/Podcaster community, so you will be mixed together quite quickly…so please keep in mind that you do represent gamers when talking to others who have not been to gaming sites before. Asshatery of any kind will be met with swiftly.

Hope you all enjoy it and let’s see where this road takes us.

D out.

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