More News: Jello is not a nail

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The rebuttal over the whole “Rift is nor WoW…Rift is WoW…is the same as ever other game out here” debate rages on. Personally, I think that anyone on the side of hard and unfocused criticism of of Rift is off their rocker. Been around this BBQ for a while and I remember the arguments people had over “innovation”…and yup…Rift has most of the check marks from those debates. Yes, I think it is the “Jesus” game in that it “saves” you from WoW. No…there is no water to wine or curing of blindness, but Rift has enough difference to save you from the sameness of WoW. WoW is still a great game, but it’s not Rift….and Rift is not WoW…..and that seals the argument right there.

One piece that I’d like to hit on is “balance”. Specifically from this quote:

As for the Soul System, it was probably the key ingredient that I enjoyed the most while playing Rift. It is a step in the right direction for MMOs, and I am more than happy to applaud Trion for its creation. But at the end of the day, it has two things working against it. First of all, that many souls will prove to be horribly difficult to balance over time, especially for PvP. I’m not sure if Trion will ever be able to get the balance right.

…poppycock I say!!

OK…let’s do this.

I give you and your friend each a tool box. The contents of each tool box are exactly the same. In that tool box are the following items:
– a hammer
– jello
– nails
– wood
– marshmallows
– crazy glue
– chocolate
– gram crackers

The quest I give you and your friend is to build the most solid, structurally sound doghouse that you can make. You’re friend uses the wood, nails, hammer and crazy glue. The house they make is solid. I can’t kick it down. The dog loves it. You use the jello, marshmellows, chocolate and gram crackers. The house is easily knocked down. The house is also covered with ants and the dog is eating it and later throwing up all over the yard. How did this happen? You both had the same tools. You both had the same mission. The reason you failed at the mission is because you failed to use the tools given to you in an intelligent way. Yes…it’s because you’re stupid and your friend is smart.

Point is, you’re friend figured it out, and you didn’t. Rift is the same thing here. All players have the same set of tools. THE SAME SET OF TOOLS. When all players are given the same set of tools, then by definition there is balance within the toolbox…the wildcard is always the player. It’s you guys…not Rift….or WoW for that matter. Some have just figured out how to make a good dog house, and you haven’t.

All I’m saying is don’t go shouting “BALANCE!!! Dear God Balance!!” when you’re not smart enough to tell the difference between a smore and a doghouse.

D out.

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