Farmville LOLs

Just got this from Zynga…the non-gaming gaming company:

Dear Farmer,

We noticed you haven’t been on the farm in a while. We know life gets busy, and we’ve been busy too – hard at work making FarmVille a better place to play!

When you return, you’ll find FarmVille:
Faster – Now, accept all your gifts and requests in one place.
Fresher – Enjoy new quests, co–op farming and a green house where you can make new crops!
Easier – New vehicles, like the Hot Rod Combine, mean less waiting, more farming

FarmVille English Countryside – inherit a whole new farm to tend in the beautiful English countryside!

Dear Zynga,

You’re right, I have been busy…playing real games and yes, I know you’ve been busy; continually making the heroin-soaked-rat-pellet dispensers that you call games.

I will never return to Farmville, but I find it intriguing that you would use the words “Faster”, “Fresher” and “Easier” in association to any of your products.

Tell you what. When you actually start making games, maybe I’ll start playing them but for now you’re hardly a consideration for my valuable gaming time.


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