Rift Head Start today

I’m soooo excited. Rift Head Start begins today and I really am looking forward to tonight and my day off tomorrow to play the game. Like I said last time, I broke my embargo to try out the twitter and other features in beta 7 and I still had and absolute blast with all aspects of the game: warfronts, questing, invasions, footholds, rifts, souls. All of those put together just click for me.

For those who are curious, I will be rolling with RnH on the Byriel server…so if you want to hang out, come and find me. Usually my toon’s name is Belmirus or Bel-something. In a shocking twist, I’ll be making a female Rogue character who will probably be my main and she will be named Belmida…or something along those lines. My Belmirus character will probably be a Cleric.

I wish the Trion team the best of luck today. You guys have been quite impressive thus far.

D out.

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