Social Bubble incoming

…good. I’m not the only one in the room seeing this coming:

This time social media is the New Thing. Its most earnest acolytes claim that the likes of Twitter and Facebook are a revolution in human communications unseen since Gutenberg started printing the Bible. They aren’t making money, but they are worth a fortune. Two smart cookies – Arianna Huffington, founder of the Huffington Post, and Michael Arrington, creator of the influential technology blog TechCrunch – have sold their publications to AOL, a company not noted for the astuteness of its recent decisions. Tick off stage 1


The last dotcom boom really took off after the flotation of the internet software company Netscape in 1995. Patrick says this time it’s likely to be Facebook that lights the fuse. So far, private investors have been locked out of the New Thing. But JP Morgan is setting up a fund, and Goldman Sachs recently tried to get its clients’ money into Facebook. That would take us all the way to stage 8, in which case we’re just waiting for stages 9 and 10 – where cabbies get in on the act and the game goes into reverse.

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