More DCUO angst

Jeepers. They must be trying to make me hate interfacing with this game.

In DCUO, you get your choice of weapons to use. My choice right now is the staff. It’s really cool, but there is a problem when you try to use it on the PC. In order to use the “special moves” with the staff, you are given some archaic sequence of mouse presses and holds in order to fire off the special move. For example, to perform the Launching Roundhouse Combo, I have to “tap, hold, hold, tap, tap ,tap, tap, tap”. Ridiculous!! Seriously, out of all the ways you can get the player to fire off special weapon moves on the PC, the best you guys can come up with is a series of arbitrary mouse taps and holds? I can come up with five that are better. My 10 year old can probably come up with three. Here’s one for free: Have some kind of “point” system for special weapon triggers. Think like the point system for WoW’s rogue. They are already counting number of hits in a row, so this should be easy. Hit with the left mouse button, and as points accumulate, they can fire it off with a right mouse hit or hold. More hits gives more powerful weapon triggers. Give the player visual feedback regarding which triggers are activating.

The way that the player interfaces with DCUO is not broken, it just is terrible design. It constantly steals away from the fun that this game should be. I really don’t know what went wrong over at SOE, but the whole concept of the DCUO/player interface relationship needs to be completely overhauled.

D out.

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