DCUO: UI Venting

Before I get into my rant about DCUO, let me just prefix this with saying that the game behind this one HUGE issue I have is spectacular and a lot of fun. That being said….


I have NEVER…EVER….seen a UI for the PC that was as shitty as this is. Seriously, who designed this thing? Is he Korean? He MUST be Korean because only a Korean dev would want to make a shitty UI like this. I think a Korean dev sits up at night thinking of ways to fuck people over with UI design. I think this UI team at SOE must of had meetings on how to fuck with it’s PC players.

Down to details:

1) WHY…isn’t the mouse pointer available for the player to use to click things. Why do I have to hit ESC to even use the mouse pointer to interact with anything? Hmmmmmm? The mouse pointer should ALWAYS be active and available at ALL times on the PC. Don’t hide it from me with this aiming reticle bullshit!

2) The menus. Who designed the menu system? Could you be more confusing and obtuse? First of all, when you do hit ESC, this radial menu shows up on the left (…YUK!…) and at the bottom is a bunch of icons (…with NO tool tip popups for explanations…BLAH!!). If you want to see your powers or skills through the UI, yeah…that’s 2-3 clicks in AFTER you hit ESC. Gawd!! The whole UI when going though these menus feels clumsy and looks terrible.

…/takes a deep breath….

3) The social interface. OK, all of the above is not as annoying as the whole social interface. Seriously…wth happened there? The social interface is so broken in terms of flow and it needs to be put out of its misery. The social interface is…I think…broken into two parts. I say “I think” because I really can’t tell how many parts it really has. When you first open it it just has a list of players around you. If you want to access your friends list that is accessed THROUGH A COMBO BOX PULLDOWN! That’s right, all the differing types of social lists you want are accessed through a pulldown menu. Wow. At the very bottom of this monstrosity is a button that allows you to access your guild interface and this is pretty much the mirror interface of the…I guess…”normal” social interface. Finding people, getting them into a group or guild is an exercise in frustration. The old rule of “when in doubt, right click” seems to be foreign to the UI developers in DCUO.

…I really wish I had screenshots to illustrate, but that took Brent and I two days to figure out how to take the bloody things (…F9 btw…)

The UI in DCUO is beyond frustrating. It’s an amateur, lazy, unacceptable mess that distracts from a really fun game. It truly needs to be overhauled in the most fundamental way. At first I thought it was a case of the PS3 implementation winning over a PC implementation, but I think it just comes down to the UI just being one of the worse UIs to a game that I’ve experienced since FFXI.

D out.

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