Grey Beards vs The New Internet

Wow…that was quite the show last night. I can’t remember the last time I swore at my monitor for the ridiculous bullshit I was hearing from another human being.

It is clear to me that the CRTC is completely out of touch with what the internet is and how it is used. Couple things to note:

1) This little bit first:

During the committee session von Finckenstein trotted out what sounded like telecom industry talking points: “If you’re a greedy or excessive user,” said the CRTC Chair, defensively, “you need to pay more than the average Canadian…I don’t see why the ordinary guys should subsidize the heavy user.”

Classical politics there. Make the opponent look like the greedy one. Apparently, when I download games from Steam (…some of which are 10Gigs…) that makes me a “greedy and excessive user” of the internet. On top of that, apparently those who don’t use the internet as much as I do are subsidizing my use. Ummmmmm…no…that’s kind of not the way it works. We all play flat rates right now for…mostly…unlimited use if you are a Bell customer. If customer A used 10Gigs at $50 a month and I use 90Gigs at $50 dollars a month…customer A is not subsidizing my usage. It would be like saying that the skinny guy is subsidizing the fat guy’s meal at the buffet. No. Don’t work like that.

2) 19Gigs on average per Canadian was mentioned. To get an average like that you would have to take the total amount of traffic downloaded in Canada and divide it by the total population of Canada. That is how you get an average. This number then says that every Canadian…from new born children to 95 year old WW2 vets use…on average…19Gigs per year. I conclude that this is where the current cap of 25Gigs comes from. The number of 19Gigs per Canadian is the wrong number to use because it does not include a demographic breakdown of usage. Usage over Canada cannot be applied in this way. Of course, new born children and 95 years generally don’t use the internet…clearly. Canada is a big country…second largest next to Russia I believe, and I’m sure there are remote areas who do not use the internet at all…so they cannot be counted in the average. Also…that number assumes that every Canadian person has a dedicated connection…this is false. There are four in my family and we have one connection…so that makes our household average about 80Gigs, which is pretty close to our real usage per month. Taking all of that into consideration I would imagine that the number PER CANADIAN is closer to 50, with the average HOUSEHOLD pulling in closer to 100-150Gigs per month.

3. “Three Dimensional Games”. Seriously…von Finckenstein really used those terms to describe gaming. That kind of shows you where this guys mind is in terms of what the digital world looks like. Now, we’re all gamers here and we know how a 25Gig cap will hurt gaming…BOTH console and PC. MMOs would really be hit hard in this country due to their very nature of monthly…sometimes weekly updates, which can get to into the gigabit size. So…Canadian gamers will be THE only gamers in the world paying extra for gaming content delivered via digital distribution channels.

The amount of ignorance shown by von Finckenstein and just the way he presented his “facts” clearly shows who is pulling this man’s strings. Bell bitches to him, he goes ahead and implements what they say…without the slightest consideration for how the end user will be effected. Sure, he says they “think long and hard” about these decisions, but the results of the decisions themselves gets one thinking that maybe this man really does not understand the medium he is regulating.

For more information and to sign the petition, go to and The fight isn’t over, we’ve just started.

D out.

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