Stopping UBB – A Mission

Times are changing, and Canadian companies like Bell don’t like if very much.

In a recent CRTC ruling, it was decided to allow Bell and other carriers such as Shaw and Rogers to charge for “extra” (yes…they get to define what that means) usage over the internet…at whopping $2.50 per Gig over a 25Gig limit. This includes charging smaller companies that wholesale over Bell’s network. I’m more than livid about this. First, it does not cost Bell $2.50 cents to transmit a Gig of data. I use to work in telecom and the rule of thumb that I learned that cost goes down as the delivered bandwidth goes up. It’s simple power-to-bit cost. If you send 5 KBs using, say 1 Watt of power (…for example…) you would be using more power per bit than say if you transmitted 1 Gib with 1 Watt. And no…transmitting more data does not inherently use more power.

You see…Bell is scared shitless right now, and they should be. With players like Netflix knocking at the door, for a whopping $8 per month Canadians can view what ever they want. Kind of makes you wonder why you’re paying $40-70 for satellite or cable television. Buuut….Bell being the douchebags that they are, are blocking this as much as possible. Being BOTH a distributor of content AND data transport provider, they essentially can cock-block any competition that shows up in their sandbox…hence the reason why all Canadians get on Netflix now are B-rated movies and old TV programs. They are also scared of VoIP. Skype offers free calls to other Skype users as well as $2.99 Unlimited calls to Canada and the US. Given these prices, it’s no wonder that Bell wants a piece of the pie by a) blocking competition and b) making sure Canadians pay dearly for bandwidth.

For my Canadian readers out there (…and the US. Don’t think for a second US telecom isn’t watching…), go over and sign the petition. There are currently 220,000 signatures already…which makes it the largest internet mobilization in Canadian history. Go…go…go. Do it now. Tweet Facebook them. Call and/or write you MP…the Prime Minister. Go…Go…Go.

The Big Boys think they can fuck with us. They want to charge us more for internet usage…well…let’s show them what the internet can do. Bell…whole countries are brought down by Twitter and Facebook…do you really think you’re going to be that hard to take on? Really?

D out.

EDIT: Oh…and this will kill PC gamers btw. I’m currently downloading DCUO via Steam…it’s 14 Gigs. BAM! Half my cap in one sitting if Bell gets way with this.

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