First Day of Cataclysm

The first day reminds me why I’m really not built for launch day experiences. There are just sooo many people in the new zones that I’m starting to feel claustrophobic. See…I don’t give a rats ass about being first when it comes to getting places in a video game. I’m not the competitive type in that sense. You put a bunch of MMO-Type-A personalities in the the same zone, all of which are competing for the same mobs, then you start getting douche-baggery….and there was plenty of that last night. Just about to get a quest mob or target? BANG! In comes Captain Douche to grab it from you…and may I note that most of these were warrior types. This happened about 5-6 times in the course of an hour. Not bad, but noticeable to the point where I’m writing it…clearly. Did I expect this? Yes. Do I like it? No. So…I think I’ll be parking my Rogue for a while until the “Gotta get there quick or my life means nothing” crowd moves on.

The zone I went to with my Rogue was the underwater zone of Vashj’ir. This was interesting…and somewhat annoying at the beginning. Hard to get your head around questing underwater when you’ve mostly been doing it on land most of your WoW life. Blizz delivers with some interesting quests. Sure…they all come down to collect this, get that, go here type of quests, but we all expect that of an MMO, so I’m not counting that against the expansion. The Vashj’ir is gorgeous, colorful and full of life…almost to it’s own detriment. It’s so colorful that it’s sometime hard to see the things you should be picking up off the ground for quests. It’s almost too full of life to the point where mobs are just flowing towards you in a train of death. Now…the “train of death” might just be the dynamic spawning that Blizz has…so we’ll keep an eye on that once things settle down.

I created my Worgen last night as well. I decided on a Hunter to start as I’ve always wanted to level up a hunter. I didn’t get too far into the new Worgen area, but what I’ve seen so far is filled with the usual Blizz attention to detail and quality. Hmmmm….since I have a general rule of “no shorties” in MMOs, I’m wondering if I’ll ever see the goblin area. I may have to make an amendment to the rule.

D out.

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