Cataclysm is out…and where are you

…AT WORK…LIKE EVERYONE ELSE!! Mwwwwaahahahahahahhaaaaaaa…ahhhh…ahhahhhahahaaa…ahhhhh….ahem.

I know, some of you are just shaking your heads (/looks in Hardcore Casual’s direction) regarding the pablum that…once again…Blizzard has started feeding it’s players. “It’s the same thing!!”, you say. “It’s all on rails!!”, you cry. “Never again!!”, you lament as you secretly hate yourself for liking WoW deep within your soul of souls. Well, like it or not, the next expansion of WoW is here and much like anything else in this world, it’s best you accept and float through the inevitable conclusion that Blizzard does it better than anyone else. No reason to get emo about it. No need to cut yourself over, and over again in half-drawn shapes of Night Elves. They are just on top of their game and…more than likely…your game will not be like this anytime soon. You’ve tried to convince yourself that your game does have that “secret sauce”, but it doesn’t….hence the reason why you jump from game to game hoping, just desperately hoping that someone would stop the madness and end the suffering of you wanting to press that WoW icon on your desktop.


Now that I’ve pissed off half of you and your keyboards are just lighting up to shoot back at me…I’ll get into the real stuff now. lol. Yeah…I know some of you are incapable of getting the sarcasm, so comment away ;)

First, in incredibly predictable fashion, someone has already gotten to level 85. This person is now a lonely shell of their former selves and is now sitting around what to do with their life. Seriously, I’ll never understand the burning need some of these people have to “be first” in something as insignificant as a video game. Tell you what, what don’t you go “be first” and cure cancer or something. Clearly, there are more important things.

As usual, Cataclysm brings with it plenty of things for the “normal” gamer to look forward to. The feature list for Cat is well known, so I won’t go into details there. I think one of things I’m really looking forward to seeing is Archeology….it sounds like an absolute hoot. Of course, leveling my 80 rogue is also going to be exciting again. He’s been sitting there just playing the equipment collection game for some time now, so a change of pace is desperately needed. I was really hoping to get my Pally up to 80 before Cat dropped, but that never materialized. He’ll eventually get there, but it’s unclear what my Worgen plans are and how they will interfere with the Pally progress. For the Worgen, I’m thinking a Hunter.

So…have fun with the new expansion everyone. Do me a favor though, take you time….enjoy it. Breath it in, cause we all know we ain’t seein another expansion for a couple more years.

D out.

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