WoW Shatters

Once again, Blizzard shows why it has the number one MMO and nobody else can really touch them….and nobody should try.

Last night, I logged into a VERY different world. One in which almost every single piece of gamespace has been effected by the shattering caused by a very grumpy black dragon called Deathwing. To my knowledge, no MMO has tried this before, e.g. remaking the world just because they can. There were rumors abound about SOE doing some of this in EQ2, but so far, nothing has materialized. When I logged in last night, I had a very real sense of being completely lost on what to do. What do I do when the very comfortable world has been turned upside down? Well…I ended up not doing very much with my level 80 character and I decided to keep leveling up my Pally in Eastern Plaguelands. I did note that plenty of level 80s where doing some exploring in the new old areas…basically picking up all of the new flight paths that appeared out of nowhere. With my Pally, I noticed that plenty of quests have changed…soooo many new quests.

I know there are some grumpy gamers out there saying “more of the same”, “get on the rails….wooooo….woooo”. Whatever. It’s a fun game just to lose yourself in, so take it for what it is and not what it isn’t. I have an A-10 to master and fly if I want complex gameplay. Jeepers….I think we’ve forgotten fun as a concept sometimes.

So…log into WoW. Re-sub to WoW. Go take a look. Everything is not as it once was. Highly recommended.

D out.

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