Fallout: New Vegas..a bit meh

…yeah…a bit of the whole “meh” going on with New Vegas and I’ll tell you why.

First, there are plenty of graphical bugs in the game right now that are very distracting. The first one I noticed was that characters walk while floating about half a foot in the air. It’s like they are doing the moon walk. Sometimes, particularly when they are going up hills, they actually clip into the ground so that their feet are now half a foot under the surface. Good God man!! It is clear that the engine has some collision box issues. One time, I heard shots and got hit a couple times. I looked around in order to try and find who was shooting at me. Being a guy, I was looking for the distinctive shape of a human form…but found nothing. Looking closer I saw a head just sticking out of the ground. That’s right, a head was shooting at me. Other graphical glitches included something I saw in the first hour of the game that included a dog. It’s eyes where floating outside of it’s head, flipped 90 degrees and rested near it’s left ear. Come on!!! I know this is an apocalyptic world, but the radiation did not give people the power to levitate, nor did it give heads the ability to shoot me, nor did it create dogs with funky eye configurations. All of these things are amateur hour stuff that should have been caught during testing of the game. Frame rate of the game seems to be an issue as well. It feels much worse than Fallout 3 was as that game ran very smoothly on the same machine.

I don’t know. I can’t recommend the game at this point as it seems to be…well…not half baked, but certainly three-quarters. That part that is still doughy is enough to distract me and put it away until modders get a hold of it or it’s fixed by Obsidian. Right now, I’m disappointed with the quality of the game out of the box.

….Caveat emptor

D out.

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