The Wii: Time to be afraid

lol. I really don’t know who to be more amused at: the people getting hurt by the Wii or the media for reporting on this.

The researchers from the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia looked at data kept on the US “National Electronic Injury Surveillance System”, which gathers information from hospital emergency departments.

Over a five year period, there were a total of 696 video game related injuries.

The average age of those injured was just over 16 years, and the bulk of the injuries related to “traditional” consoles.

However, there were 92 injuries related to interactive games, most from using a Wii.

These patients were more likely to have injured their shoulder, ankle or foot, or suffered cuts and bruises.

“Victims” of bystander injuries tended to be younger than 10-years-old, and the research authors called for younger children to be more heavily supervised to prevent these.

So, I guess I’ll start out with the people who find themselves getting hurt by a videogame console. Firstly, you need to exercise more…seriously. Actually, more exercise is probably sound advice for most of us North Americans anyway given our lifestyles. Second…use your head when it comes to these things. Don’t be the poster boy the Darwin awards.

Next is the media. 696 Video game related injuries over 5 years eh? Uh ohhhh…here comes “Darren the numbers guy” again. That’s 696 injuries over 1825 days, which is 0.38 people getting injured by a Wii every day….opposed to the 386 injuries per day in the US from car accidents. This story deserves print why…again? Ohhh right…it’s around that time of year when we start to see stories about the negative aspect of video gaming. /sigh….alrighty then. OK media, I’m ready to be frightened…give me your best shot.


D out.

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