Still no news…but…Civ5

Still nothing in MMO land really worth talking about. Everything is quiet. Too quiet.

In non-MMO land, things keep on trucking… especially in strategy and simulator land. So, MMOs…wtf?

In strategy land, yes, the big one is coming out tomorrow and I’m very excited to play it. Got all preloaded on steam already and Civ 5 will probably consume most of my gaming until those MMO-dudes come up with something to talk about. For those that want a head start on everything Civ 5 related….or you’re just bored at work today, here are some great links for you:

Civ 5 downloadable digital manual.
Apolyton civ fan site.
Civ Fanatics fan site.

Have fun.

On the simulation side of things, the DCS A-10 guys just put up a couple new training videos that show the startup tutorials….get them here. There is also a great fan made movie with DCS A-10 footage here as well…excellent work!

On a final note. Apologies for the lack of posting. Again, there is just not much going on that interests me at the moment. We’ve been here before though ;)

D out.

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