Trying not to scream


The months of September and November can not be on their way soon enough…cause I’ve been really feeling the gaming “blahs” for way to long. Besides a bit of SC2 and Elemental, I have not been playing that much since I finished Dragon Age. Damnit! I knew this would happen; finish DA and then there shall be emptiness across the land. My evenings have mostly been filled with “self improvement” projects like Yoga, reading a book or coding (…C# is fun…)…but not gaming.

So…in order to help me get my game on I’m going to revert to listing games I’m really looking forward to or plan to get in the near future. This will at least give me something to write and you guys something to read while you drink your coffee this morning.

…here we go…

NHL 11

I haven’t played an EA Sports NHL game in about a decade..and hey…I have a PS3 now so I’m totally due to catching up on the goings on in land of EA sports. I tried the demo over the weekend and it was quite impressive. They have a dynasty mode in which you design and build you own team from the ground up. I’m not clear on all the details, but there is an intricate card system involved in which you can improve player skills as well. Neato. I may pick that up today or next weekend.

…and yes…while I played the demo I felt like I was all thumbs.

Guild Wars 2

Wow. These guys are just going crazy with the coverage again. I’m subscribed to their twitter feed, and with every gaming conference they seem to just saturate my life with the tweets. The art is just gorgeous. The gameplay looks different and interesting. Out of all the MMOs, this is the one that is impressing the most.


Goes without saying…but interest for this one is starting to decrease for me. Actually…bad feelings are starting to creep up because certain pieces are just not fitting. The M’s in MMO (…Massive and Multiplayer for those who like it spelled out…) are highly questionable for me at this point. Right now, it seems GW2 has a better solution in how they will bring the community together with massive events and boss fights. We should have heard about how SWTOR is going to address this by now and, to my knowledge, we really haven’t heard much about it. Right now, SWTOR is looking like a great single player game that just happens to have other people walking around.

Still looking forward to this because…well…Star Wars.

DCS A-10

First, this game has a new website with everything you wanted to know about it here. Go check that out. Even if you’re just half a geek it should make you drool.

Second, I’m really looking forward to this one simply because there are buttons to push. Explosions happen when buttons are pushed ;)

D out.

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