SC2 MP Replays and Analysis

Fro those that are dipping their toes into the SC2 multiplayer ladders, I highly recommend taking a look here.

What we’ve got there is a huge amount of SC2 replays with analysis from a gent named Day9. He really seems to know his stuff and I’ve learned a tonne just watching these things. Funny enough, I find myself watching these more than actually playing SC2….how weird is that.

I find the multiplayer aspect of SC2 fascinating. Even though it’s not really a complicated game mechanically, this lends itself to a real “chess-like” feeling when you’re talking about the whole strategy of playing a game. Right now, I’m having a very hard time pressing that multiplayer button because of some kind of anxiety of doing so…but watching these replays is really encouraging because apparently, other players do too.

Anyway…enjoy watching them.

D out.

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