Fighting the Spin – Elemental

…sorry…someone has to counter this BS:

Stardock is often cited as making games without copy protection, having even drafted a gamer’s bill of rights. But then of course not every game is equally likely to get pirated in the first place, and with their rather complex strategy games Stardock isn’t exactly the most exposed. Nevertheless they are used to quite positive reporting about them, and when they announced Elemental: War of Magic, a “4X” turn-based fantasy strategy / rpg game in the tradition of Master of Magic, a lot of people were interested, including me.

Then PC Gamer published the first review of Elemental, and it was titled: Elemental’s disastrous launch: Stay well away!. Definitely not the kind of review Stardock CEO Brad Wardell was hoping to get. So he went all Derek Smart and said on a forum: “Also, to anyone, like you Ben, saying the game is like an “early beta” then well, please stay away from our games in the future. I consider it ready for release and if others disagree, don’t buy our games.” Then of course he had to backpedal later and apologized.

How does one read the last paragraph…I ask you? Well…I read it as a series of events. Brad Wardell saw a review he didn’t like and then went onto a forum and went all “Derek Smart”. “Brad saw X SO he did Y”. Great print…will make a great made for TV movie, but unfortunately it’s complete sensationalist spin.

Fact of the matter is the review was written AFTER the forum post in question. Look at the is Aug 25. Look at the forum post, date is August 23rd. Add to that, Brad was addressing a friend of his named Ben and the reviewer’s name is Tom…so Brad couldn’t be addressing the review directly anyway even if he has some super time travelling ability.

This drives me nuts. Sensationalist bullshit from someone who has all the facts but either refuses to tell the right story or is incapable at doing so. He linked two separate and independent events and made them into one string of events. Not cool.

Word of warning. I’m a huge Stardock fan. I love they way the do business and I love their games…so take all of this with that in mind. I usually defend their beta practices regardless, but this post was just wrong and makes it seem like Brad is a complete dick/nutcase…he’s not…he’s just slightly imbalanced (…in a good and healthy way…) ;).

D out.

P.S. review of Elemental coming soon.

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