….aaand we’re back. With pie this time!

Hey all….

….apologies for the downtime. The squirrels went on strike and I had to give them maternity leave benefits in order to get them back to making the cogs turn again. Stupid squirrels…..

Anyway, plenty of things have happened in the land of gaming over the past week from all of the usual suspects: DCUO, Guild Wars 2 and Dragon Age 2. All of these guys out with really great trailers and gameplay videos. Boy…August is turning out to be a very slow month in terms of games we can play right now, but for games we can’t play yet August has been quite exciting.

Dragon Age 2 is coming out very soon…March 8th I think…and I have not finished the first one yet. I put in a couple intermittent marathon sessions over the past 5-6 weeks and I’m close to completing the main story line. That game…for me…has been like trying to eat an entire chocolate cake: you can’t eat it in one sitting, nor do you want to. It really is a great game and hopefully I’ll have it all wrapped up before November hits….including Awakenings and all the DLC.

Guild Wars 2 is looking like it will make quite the splash in the gaming world. The current gameplay videos that have been released have transmitted a real emphasis on how visceral the combat is. When watching the gameplay videos, when characters hit a mob, you can really feel that hit. The art in the game looks fantastic. I feel I really missed the boat on Guild Wars, but I think GW2 might drag me in at the ground floor.

DCUO looks like it’s coming along nicely, and after talking with some peeps who went to Fan Faire, it looks like they are right on track to giving us something to really look forward to. I did kind of cringe when I read this:

The superhero MMO genre isn’t as sparse as it used to be, but DCUO’s Chris Cao isn’t sweating the competition. In a recent interview with The MMO Gamer, DC Universe Online’s creative director expresses supreme confidence that DCUO will be the one superhero title to rule them all. “It’s just the ultimate superhero experience,” he said. “You’re not playing Batman this time. You are there with thousands of other players, working for and against him. That’s never been done.”

“The ultimate superhero experience”…well…we’ll be the judge on how ultimate it will be I guess. Working for or against Batman does not an ultimate experience make. The big issue I may have with DCUO is the timing. Cataclysm is rumored to hit around the same time and I know that I will be dipping my toe into that water again.

Oh…and APB. That might be a different blog post, but I’m not really that surprised. Something just felt “off” with that game.

D out.

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