SC2 – Updated Impressions

This will probably be my last entry for SC2 (…yeah…we’ve all heard that one before…heh).

I currently have a love-hate relationship with the game, and that’s where I currently stand right now. Why? Great that you ask!


I love the way Blizzard has designed the UI and interface to SC2….it’s a beautiful piece of work. Everything is where it should be and it gives the player easy access to everything that they need.

I love the simplicity of the game. It’s very easy to pick up and play. You’re never left guessing the logical order of how to build a certain unit or building….it’s all very intuitive.

I love the lobby of the single player game. This is where the player can go to upgrade units, talk to NPCs and yes, even play an arcade game in between missions. It’s all part of the presentation but it needed to be singled out. Blizzard did a fantastic job.

I love the fact that I can replay MP matches. It helps you actually learn from your mistakes and…more importantly…learn from your opponents success against you. Extremely valuable.


I hate that Blizzard did not bring anything new to the table. They could have…but they didn’t. This extremely conservative approach does nothing but serve up brillant mediocrity. SC2 is like all of us going back to the horse and carriage when there are perfectly good Mustangs to drive.

I hate the fact that I hesitate every time I hover my mouse over the MP match button. It feels like I’m looking over a cliff and 20 feet down is water…and I gotta jump. I know the way down will be fun but depending how I land…..

I hate that there are better strategy games out there that will not be noticed because of SC2. Worse…better strategy games made by Indies who will not even get the time of day.

I hate that fact that I have hate for this game.

D out.

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