DCUO Beta and Pre-Order

Yayyy…DCUO pre-order and beta sign ups are out there for you to enjoy.

Beta sign up is here. Pre-order information is here. The collectors edition includes the following:

DC UNIVERSE™ ONLINE Collector’s Edition for the PC offers the collector, the fan and the avid gamer the ultimate DCUO collection.

– A DCUO limited edition Batman figure from DC DIRECT, based on Executive Creative Director and legendary comic book artist Jim Lee’s concept art for the game
– A DCUO prestige comic of the game’s back-story as written by Geoff Johns
– The Art of DC UNIVERSE™ ONLINE art book showcasing the stunning art from Jim Lee and the team at DC COMIC’S WILDSTORM Productions
– The brand new DC Universe™ Online comic book, Legends Issue#0, with an original cover by Jim Lee

That’s not a bad deal for the collectors edition; however, it’s a bit on the pricey side for $99. Will have to ponder this one as I tend to be a sucker for the MMO collectors editions.

D out.

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