Blizzard Forums: Irrational Fear

I’m not convinced of the arguments against Blizzard’s latest move to allow real names to be displayed in forum posts. I honestly don’t understand the fear being displayed. Yes…its fear and nothing more than that.

Fear of what. Being known? Being accountable? Being “discovered”? Inviting Danger?

Personally I think we all watch too many Sally Field movies where every situation we come across is full of danger and terrorists waiting to kill us all. Every corner has a boogie man that is just waiting to kidnap our daughters and bring them to Egypt or something. We probably also think that these stories we hear about people showing up with baseball bats to beat up guild leaders is common place…and yes…I’m surprised that also was not a Sally Field movie.

Or worse…the black helicopters. Yes. The famous paranoia that every move is a vast conspiracy meant to, not kill us, but imprison us. Blizzard is in cahoots with a shadow government organization which will take away your guns and apple pie. Having your first name in a WoW forum post is just the first step towards them knowing everything about you and controlling what you do. What’s next? Them having your credit card information? The seventh sign. People will do “stuff” with our real names and have it used for “things”.

Fact of the matter is this….we introduce ourselves to complete strangers everyday. We go to parties…we shake hands…we mingle. We give others we don’t know our first names all the time. Tell me…do you all refuse to do this because of privacy issues? Do you go to a job interview and refuse to reveal your name because you’re scared at the off chance that one member of the panel might show up at your home and beat you cause you lied that you knew C++? Do you refuse to give your first name to a girl you like on the off chance she might use your name for “dangerous things”? No. We all think those are ridiculous. First thing I do when I meet someone new is give a firm hand shake and say, “Hi…Darren Love.” Kiss of death….I know ;) So…for adults (different rules for kids…clearly..): if the decision of giving our real names to people we have conversations with is OK in real life and relatively low risk…then why is giving our real names to people we have conversations with on a WoW forum full of so much danger and fear.

Honestly…I wonder how some people can even operate normally while being contently on guard for the internet boogie man. Clearly, there are more urgent things to worry about…like…I don’t know..heart disease because of your lack of exercise from playing too many games and eating like shit.

So a couple of questions to wrap this all up:

What data do we have right now says that giving your name in a WoW forum is more dangerous than introducing yourself to stranger at a Christmas party?

What data do we have right now says Blizzard will use real names for, well…”dangerous” things?

D out.

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