Red Faction: Why Wasn’t I Informed?!

Steam broke my brain over the last week or so. It was just insane how many games were on sale and the prices where just crazy.

I didn’t go too insane during this sale, but one game I did manage to pick up was Red Faction:Guerrilla. Why didn’t any tell me that this game was out there? I was glued to my monitor for much of the evening just blowing shit up. What a surprise bucket o’ fun this game is.

You are a miner on Mars who gets involved with the resistance again the EDF (Earth Defense Force) and your goal….for lack of a better term…is to be a terrorist and blow as many things up as possible. OK…it’s not as hap-hazard as it sounds because you have specific things you need to blow up all over the map. Targets of interest are put in front of you and you are to bring it all down in a pile of rubble. You can’t just go in and blow things up without reaction as the EDF gets a little ticked when TNT is put to their shiny buildings and towers. If you make too much “noise”, patrols come in and try to find you. Yes…they actually start to look and it’s creepy at times. At first, I was trying the usual de-aggro methods of just moving away a bit…hoping that the bad guys would get the classical gamey Alzheimer’s, but that didn’t happen. The AI was quite impressive (…so far…) at finding the terrorist responsible for making things go boom.

Another interesting part of this is how the buildings are blown up. I’ve taken a few Civil Engineering courses here and there…so I know a bit about forces on structures and all that jazz, but it seems the designers have taken some care when modeling how and why buildings collapse. It’s just very satisfying to see a building still stand and then realize that the devs actually cared that…yes…you need to take out the supporting members in order to bring down a structure ;)

The only downside is that this game is clearly a console port. You can always tell by the heavy need to use the keyboard for simple menu navigation. Lazy…lazy….lazy. Really guys…is it that hard to write a bit of code to recognize when a mouse hovers and clicks a menu item. Jesus. That would usually piss me off to no end, but thankfully the gameplay is fun enough to keep my mind distracted from this.

..highly recommended….just because you blow shit up.

D out.

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