Jumpgate’s Silence Broken

Finally….we now know why Jumpgate has been off the radar for the last year or so:

That is when the team made the crucial decision to completely overhaul JGE’s game systems, while also refocusing specifically on the game play experience we wanted to make: space warfare on a massive scale.

It was a difficult choice to throw away what didn’t work and only keep and improve what did. One of the hardest things for a team to do is to throw away work, because it’s wasted time and effort, but in order for us to make this game the amazing experience we knew it could be, we had to let go of some things and push forward.

In order to achieve all of this, NetDevil made the decision to invest more in the game. We brought on additional staff members to ensure that Jumpgate Evolution’s vision remained strong and that the team could focus and gain momentum. They started with me, and since then I’ve been very fortunate to add a number of other key team members who you’ll get to meet (several in person, if you’re coming to E3) in the months ahead.

At the same time, we ‘went dark’ and stopped our regular flow of information. Why? Because there simply wasn’t anything we could talk about with absolute confidence.

We couldn’t discuss game features, because we were no longer sure what would make it into the game and what wouldn’t. We couldn’t talk about story, because it was being completely rewritten. There was so much that we wanted to share, but things were just at too early of a stage to discuss without the risk of disappointing you, our community. When we announce something, we ought to be as confident as possible that it will stay in the game – although in game development, there are no guarantees.

So there you have it. They went dark because they essentially are creating a completely different game than what we saw back when Brent and I saw the game late 2008 in Austin.

When we saw the game in Austin, it was looking really good and I was very surprised to see them go dark. With Eve Online constantly raising the bar and, let’s not forget Black Prophecy, it’s not hard to see that maybe they thought they weren’t leading this moving target far enough.

Me? I’m happy to see them coming out of the blackout for Jumpgate. Hopefully, we’ll see something in Austin this year.

D out.

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